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Boom City, Tulalip
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After early COVID-19 concerns, fireworks stands in Tulalip’s Boom City to open Friday

Boom City in Tulalip. (Chris Sullivan, KIRO Radio)

The boom is returning to Boom City in Tulalip despite concerns over COVID-19, with fireworks stands opening for business on Friday.

Fireworks could soon be banned in unincorporated King County

Some vendors were unloading boxes of fireworks by the pallet-load on Monday and putting them in their storage trailers. Others were simply checking out their stands and getting ready to move in. Boom City was going to be a bust just a few weeks ago when the decision was made to cancel the fireworks sales because of the coronavirus.

Alex Jimenez runs a stand called “Shadow of Destruction.” He did not want to cancel Boom City.

“Everyone wanted to gather and do a petition and get our board of directors to hopefully change their minds and figure out what to do to come up with a plan to make it safe, not only for ourselves but for the public as well,” he said.

With Snohomish County in Phase 2, the Tulalip Tribe decided to allow the fireworks sales and the firing of fireworks on the property.

For Jimenez, Boom City is huge part of his life.

“I’ve been at Boom City since I was a child,” he said. “I was 7 years old the first time I came to Boom City with my parents.”

His parents also ran a fireworks stand. Jimenez hopes his kids and everyone who enjoys Boom City will get that same feeling.

“It’s all about our Independence Day,” he said. “Everybody loves something that goes boom, whether it’s on the ground or in the air. Everyone wants to be able to celebrate.”

Where you can and can’t set off fireworks

The fireworks stands at the Muckleshoot Reservation are also open for business after originally being canceled.

Just a reminder: Check the fireworks laws in your area before taking any of the products home, as a lot of communities have passed new fireworks bans. I asked the state fire marshal’s office if there is a concern that more people will be buying and shooting off fireworks this year because nearly all of the major shows have been canceled.

Deputy Marshal Robert Wittenberg said he expects that to be the case.

And if my neighborhood is any indication, people are in a fireworks mood. We had several full impromptu shows in cul-de-sacs over the weekend.

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