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Of course black lives matter, that’s why I cannot support Black Lives Matter, Inc.

Black Lives Matter protesters march through a downtown street on June 14, 2020 in Seattle. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

On his radio show Tuesday morning, Todd Herman responded to the tragic killing of a young, 19-year-old man named Lorenzo Anderson. He was killed in the anarchy zone in Seattle controlled by armed Antifa and Back Lives Matter leaders. Herman pleaded with Lorenzo Anderson’s godmother to look into the actual policies of the founders of Black Lives Matter, Inc., the leaders of which Herman contends use black pain to sell their self-confessed ideology of Marxism.

“Marxism is the most violent ideology in history,” Herman said. “It will destroy black lives.”

Herman also asked his audience to get very good at expressing what they feel in their hearts and know to be true, that black lives matter and, because of that, to get very good at saying, they do not and cannot support the group called Black Lives Matter, Inc.

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