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Tina Podlodowski
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Rantz: WA Democrat chair viciously says GOP is trying to ‘kill’ voters

Tina Podlodowski is the chairwoman of the Washington State Democratic Party.

The Washington state chair of the Democratic party claims Republicans are “trying to kill every voter” because President Donald Trump isn’t instituting a federally-mandated law to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic. This isn’t just unhinged. It’s a dangerous and irresponsible accusation.

Tina Podlodowski retweeted President Trump promoting “LAW AND ORDER!” in reference to cities under siege by rioters aiming to destroy statues they find controversial. Rather than address his point, Podlodowski pushed a conspiracy theory on the coronavirus and voting.

The crazy conspiracy explained

Podlodowski believes the President should mandate everyone wear a mask and practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. By not doing so, Podlodowski claims the Republican Party is somehow intentionally “trying to kill every voter they can’t disenfranchise via voter suppression…”

She says the imaginary “strategy” is “just plain stupid” (which, unironically, could be used to described her tweet).

The Wyman obsession

The tweet comes as Governor Jay Inslee and other Democrats push for nationwide mail-in voting in November to protect voters from the coronavirus. The argument is that by forcing people to go to the polls, you’re forcing people to risk their lives for a vote.

Their concern, of course, isn’t extended to protesters whom Inslee and other Democrats champion. They merely ask them to wear masks. Wearing a mask to vote, however? One step too close to danger, I guess.

On the vote-by-mail criticism, Podlodowski goes on to inexplicably target Secretary of State Kim Wyman for not speaking up on a mask policy. Perhaps Podlodowski forgot that Washington is already a vote-by-mail state and a mask policy is already on the books. Does Podlodowski think Wyman comes up with mask policies — or even vote-by-mail policies — for the federal government?

Podlodowski has become somewhat obsessed with the popular Secretary of State after failing to unseat Wyman back in 2016. It was a shellacking. Since then, Podlodowski routinely targets Wyman with bizarre claims which are routinely called out. She just won’t stop.

The tweet doesn’t even make sense

It’s perhaps a fool’s errand to make sense of a deranged tweet, but can we at least briefly highlight how it doesn’t even make sense on its face?

Podlodowski implies by not enforcing mandatory mask laws, the GOP via Trump is trying to kill voters. My experience is that it’s mostly conservatives who don’t want to wear masks, not progressives. They view it as government overreach. So does Podlodowski think Trump will win an election by murdering his own supporters? Is that a winning strategy?

Imagine if someone actually believed Podlodowski’s claim. How would they react? How does Podlodowski want them to react?

Trump Team and WA GOP weigh in

Jenna Ellis is a constitutional attorney and senior legal adviser to the President’s re-election campaign. The tweet blew her away.

“Democrats and fake news activists continue to make ridiculous and unfounded assertions against President Trump, but this tweet goes even further across the line,” Ellis explains to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “This outrageous attack against Republicans is dishonest, unfounded, and disgusting. When will Twitter put warning labels on Democrats?”

When it comes to the demand Trump push a federal mask ban, Ellis says it’s a state and local issue.

“The Democrats continue to blatantly ignore the Constitution and attack President Trump for being a tyrant when he is rightfully exercising federal power, and then attack him for not overreaching when he properly does not overstep governors,” she noted.

The Washington State GOP chairman Caleb Heimlich also weighed in.

“Unemployment numbers have hit record highs and families and businesses are on the fast track to poverty, yet the Chair of the Washington State Democrats, along with Governor Inslee and Mayor Durkan continue to pour all their focus into the wrong Washington to the detriment of this state,” Heimlich said in a statement to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “Republicans have been fighting to reopen our economy safely so we can get Washingtonians back to work and the people of Washington State are seeing first-hand what four more years of Democratic control will do to us. While the Democrats hurl disgraceful insults and pander to their reckless, violent base in an attempt to further their political agenda, Republicans are busy working for the people.”

No one seems to support Podlodowski

If Podlodowski was hoping she’d have support for the unhinged Tweet, she was met with disappointment. Twitter users railed against the idea that the GOP strategy is to kill voters.

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