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Seattle business: Nothing done about CHOP until it affected officials

Seattle police arrest a protester during the clearing of the CHOP. (Getty Images)

The CHOP as we used to know it now appears to be officially done, but how does the surrounding community get back to some semblance of normalcy? Car Tender is a business in the area that suffered an attempted arson. The son of the owner, Mason McDermott, joined the Jason Rantz Show to discuss how they feel now that it’s over.

“It’s good to see that something is being done, 20 days too late, but good to see that they’re starting to make somewhat of an effort to resolve the issue that we’re having here,” he said.

Business owner in CHOP says city gave away the neighborhood

McDermott is part of a class action lawsuit against the city over what happened. Does he think that played a role in moving the mayor to act?

“Personally, I don’t. I would say some other things may have moved or urged her to do what is being done today … You know, we’re here every night, and we have our security guys here every night, and I’ve been here quite a bit. The shootings almost appear every night, and people are losing their lives for what reason? It’s very sad,” he said.

When he sees how the city handled CHOP, how does it impact him civically and when he votes in the future?

“This is a true show of colors of those people that we have elected to be in our city offices … hopefully it opens people’s eyes enough,” he said.

WA Rep: State government seems unwilling to share in economic pain

“Nothing was done about this until it directly affected the people who were our elected officials. Until they showed up at their front doors, it was the summer of love, and then, ‘Oh look, it is violent. Oh look, it is kind of scary.'”

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