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Rantz: No police, no jail, no problems? Big Seattle problems, actually

A proposed 50% budget cut by Seattle City Council could see as many as 700 police officers laid off, and the King County Executive is moving to close the local jail. What could possibly go wrong? Well, everything.

We know what happens when you stop policing: Crime goes up. Seattle won’t somehow be the exception because our progressive politicians think they’re smarter than everyone else. They’re not: Past lack of results have shown that.

And the dangerous path this city finds itself on cannot be overstated or oversold. People’s lives are literally on the line.

Rantz: ‘Mass exodus’ as Seattle police officers ditch city for KC Sheriff, Everett PD

Seattle crime will rise with closed jail, depleted police

In a surprise move, Executive Dow Constantine revealed he will close down the Seattle jail. Has crime gone down? Nope. Talk to any cop and they’ll let you know. Our jails sit mostly empty due in equal parts to our COVID-19 policy and unwillingness to punish most criminals. So, why the move? Constantine is listening to the area’s most fringe ideologues.

From the start, these activists demanded we abolish the police and the prison system, called to action from an injustice that happened in Minneapolis, not Seattle. But never let a good crisis go to waste. These activists pounced and they scared local politicians who see activist opposition as a threat to their political survival.

Reasonable Seattleites didn’t think politicians would give into the most fringe, unreasonable positions. These activists had a chance to show their police-free concept with the CHOP, yet it resulted in two murders, daily assaults, an arson, attempted rape, and a whole lot of vandalism in a matter of days. Why would these stubborn, criminal activists be rewarded?

Yet, here we are. We’ll close a jail, we’ll decimate the police force (firing officers on the basis of their race, apparently), and we’ll hand 911 control to unyielding activists who will send social workers to your home when you call in an emergency. And the end result will be skyrocketing crime.

Crime surge is inevitable

Gun deaths and injuries in New York City have surged after the NYPD came under assault from activists seeking to defund. In Chicago, the Mayor loves the idea of re-imagining the police, meanwhile, there was another night of tragic gun violence at a funeral home. Neutering the Portland Police Department, nightly vandalism and violence has persisted for over 50 straight nights. Here in Seattle, you can go on a marauding riot, trying to burn down a Starbucks attached to an apartment complex, and police aren’t allowed to do a thing.

When you do not police, crime continues. The idea of investing in programs to address root causes of violence is a noble one. But every plan that is moving forward assumes the future programs will work. They won’t wait for results and react accordingly. They assume it will work because … well, why not? Do these activists and politicians have a track record in instituting preventative programs? Nope. But this time — this time — things will be different. Right.

Protesters demand immediate subservience or else. Or else what? More unrest that politicians can’t figure out how to handle. So they give in, hoping they’ll be rewarded with another term in office. But what will be left of Seattle after they give in to this mob’s most dangerous and absurd demands?

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