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Rantz: ‘Peaceful’ Seattle protesters peacefully destroy property, injure cops

Peaceful Seattle protesters provide a surprise fireworks celebration for officers in the form of potentially BB-laced munitions. (Screengrab of body cam footage)

Several completely “peaceful” Seattle protesters were caught on video peacefully engaging in completely legal, lovingly applied dismantling of property. But they weren’t done. They also celebrated cops — by peacefully throwing explosives at them.

Mayor Jenny Durkan, unwilling to condemn a violent and dangerous movement over fears it will lead to her ouster, claimed this past weekend’s protest suffered from just a few agitators that acted out. Oh. OK. Let’s go with that.

That peaceful protest with just a few agitators caused injury to 12 officers, and saw the peaceful destruction and looting of Starbucks, Walgreens, and Amazon Go stores over a miles-long, pre-planned route.

They’re totally peaceful Seattle protests. Seriously

While peaceful protesters rearranged the Starbucks storefront, carefully placing rocks through glass that needed to be replaced anyway, other peaceful protesters in the group lovingly chanted, “I don’t know s—, I don’t see s—.”

Meanwhile, the ones not actively dismantling property in a totally peaceful way were busy warning people in the crowd to not record the peaceful demonstration. Like so many other effective movements, the best way to get the message out and inspire the public is to make sure there’s as little proof that your movement exists as possible.

Don’t record the peaceful demonstrations of peace!

If you’re a member of a mainstream media outlet, you’ll definitely be politely approached by peaceful protesters using umbrellas — or peace devices — to block your shot. These kinds of peaceful activities, like throwing a safe amount of fire into a Starbucks (maybe their heater was broken), shouldn’t be recorded.

Here’s video of a diplomatic delegation from the peaceful protest approaching KOMO TV with a well-intentioned request to put their cameras down. It might sound like threatening vulgarity is being bleeped out but I assure it’s just an error from KOMO. They accidentally bleeped out well wishes and salutations.

Attack on cops? You mean, a celebration for cops!

People foolishly believe fireworks thrown at officers — possibly laced with BBs as shrapnel — should be seen as a violent attack. Don’t be silly. Fireworks are for celebrating, not harming.

At the peaceful Seattle protest, a few pro-cop activists simply wanted to light fireworks and other munitions in honor of officers putting their lives on the line daily in service of a community that doesn’t value them.

We should also give these peaceful protesters kudos for something they tried to do before those silly cops got in the way! One protester used his umbrella — sorry, peace device! — to block a security camera. Some folks mistakenly believed the protester did this to prevent the camera from recording their peaceful celebration. But the protester was merely blocking the shot so officers inside the West Precinct would be surprised by their pro-cop celebration. It was meant to be like a surprise birthday party.

Let’s get serious

We are not seeing the “peaceful” protests that many Seattle politicians and activists will have you believe. There may be peaceful protesters, but too many of these violent protests are being portrayed as peaceful. And there’s plenty of evidence of the violence, despite attempts from criminals to block the recordings of their illegal behavior.

When a large group of agitators are in your protest and you do nothing, the protest is no longer peaceful. When you have one or two bad apples, you get a pass. But when a quarter or more of the crowd is engaged in the violence while everyone else stands by silently — or cheering on the lawlessness — it’s not peaceful. That’s what happened in Seattle this past weekend.

Those who chose to stay silent are as guilty of enabling criminal behavior as the ones who cheered it on. It wasn’t a peaceful protest. It was an illegal riot and shame on anyone who gives this illegal, dangerous behavior a pass.

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