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WA 2nd Congressional District candidate says incumbent Rick Larsen is ‘absent’

Congressman Rick Larsen. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Washington’s 2nd Congressional District election is a busy race with eight candidates, including Democrat incumbent Rick Larsen, and Tim Hazelo, a 20-year veteran and first-time candidate. The district includes Everett, Marysville, Bellingham, and all of Island County. Hazelo joined the Jason Rantz Show to discuss what motivated him to run.

“It just seems like Rick’s absent. It seems like we don’t see him unless there’s a video camera or a press conference or something like that can be had for him to get some PR attention. And he seems like a lemming for [Speaker of the House] Nancy [Pelosi],” Hazelo said.

“So somebody had to step up,” he added.

What is the game plan to appeal to the independents or some of the moderate Democrats?

“Well, if people go read my website, they’re going to see that I’m not some right-wing guy. I’m not way out there. I’ve got some pretty conservative ideas that are good for the country that we can help create prosperity. We can bring down health care costs. We could do all those things that the Democrats haven’t done for us in the state of Washington for however many years,” he said.

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“Rick has been in the office now for 20 years, imagine that, 20 years and we hardly hear from the guy.”

Hazelo says that part of the reason Washington state continues to have issues is that for years it’s not only been run by Democrats, but the Democratic Party is just an echo of the values they represented years ago.

“Our state’s in trouble and it’s all because … we’ve been run by the liberals and the Democrats for so long, and the Democrats today are definitely not the Democrats from when I was a kid. I was raised to be Democrat and they don’t even resemble what I remember them being back in Michigan in the 70s and 80s,” he said.

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“We got some good ideas, and we just need to get a hold of a lot of people. We need those 16,000 to 20,000 Republicans that didn’t vote in the last election to just get out and vote,” he added. “They would make the difference.”

Would he vote for another COVID stimulus package, which is currently being negotiated?

“You know, I hate the way they negotiate those things. It’s pork here, pork there, and then a little bit gets to the people that really need it,” Hazelo said. “I’m kind of thinking the best stimulus package we could have right now is to open up our economy. I don’t know if adding another trillion or two to the deficit is going to have any effect whatsoever except make a few people feel good.”

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