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Washington state Attorney General race by the numbers

Voter's pamphlet 2020. (MyNorthwest photo)

There are three candidates each hoping to take Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s seat this November. Most of these candidates, according to their statements in the state voter’s pamphlet, have a wide variety of priorities. There are a few through-lines, including ensuring the governed are not taken advantage of and transparency.

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Here’s a breakdown of what each candidate for attorney general prioritized in the voter’s pamphlet, based on key words found in their statements:

Of the four candidates, zero mentioned “social justice, race, or equality.” These issues have become increasingly important for voters this summer since the killing of George Floyd on May 25. The final day to submit candidate statements and photos for the state voter’s pamphlet was May 22.

Brett Rogers did mention “protecting your civil rights” in his statement.

Also, none of the candidates mentioned “pandemic, coronavirus, or COVID-19” in their statements. However, Mike Vaska said that “people are hurting,” possibly in reference to the pandemic.

“Crime or criminal justice” was mentioned by Matt Larkin, Brett Rogers, and Bob Ferguson. “Law enforcement” was also mentioned by Larkin and Rogers.

“Consumer or consumer protection” made the statements of Mike Vaska and Bob Ferguson.

“Taxpayers or budget” was mentioned by both Brett Rogers and Bob Ferguson.

“Homeless or homelessness” was mentioned by Matt Larkin and Mike Vaska. The same candidates also mentioned “businesses.”

“Partisan or parties” was mentioned by both Mike Vaska and Bob Ferguson. Vaska wants to make sure decisions are not guided by partisanship, and Ferguson said he enforces campaign transparency laws against both parties.

The Primary Election is on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

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