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Seattle police rally
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Rantz: After burning American flag, Seattle activists assault journalist, woman

After burning an American flag, a group of Seattle Antifa activists and other agitators assaulted a photojournalist and a rally-goer during a pro-police rally. It was one of a few skirmishes at a pro-police rally that drew a couple thousand to Seattle City Hall.

The rally was overwhelmingly peaceful with pro-police community members decrying the Seattle City Council’s move to defund the police. Rally-goers spread supportive messages to cops, waved signs in defense of police, and heard from a number of pro-law enforcement speakers.

Across the street from the City Hall event, a small group of anti-cop agitators spent the afternoon trolling rally-goers, egging them into fights. It wasn’t particularly successful, but it didn’t stop them from trying.

Antifa and agitators burn American flag at Seattle police rally

As locals celebrated police, agitators burned an American flag.

Early on during the rally, just before noon, agitators pulled out an American flag, tossed it on the ground, and set it on fire. As the flag burned, a masked-agitator stepped on it. It was despicable.

Agitators assault two

A pro-police rally-goer walked across the street with a bottle of water, dousing what was left of the burning American flag. The agitators were not pleased.

The masked activists swarmed around the woman, getting in her face. One man tried to spray her with an unidentified substance, but nothing came out. As she was walking back to the rally, someone hit her with an umbrella, while a man appeared to either push or punch her in the face before police arrive to de-escalate.

Rantz: Seattle Council voting to fire officers of color, cut black chief’s wages

A local photojournalist, clearly wearing media credentials, photographed the incident. In the video below, one agitator violently smacked at the journalist’s camera, knocking it out of his hands.

Agitators don’t like having their photos taken while engaged in criminal behavior and have generally taken an antagonistic approach to most media outlets.

The threat

Throughout the counter protester, agitators attempted to block me from video or photographing their actions. They were mostly unsuccessful, since they were so out numbered by pro-police rally-goers. But they were able to put umbrellas in front of my cell phone a few times throughout the afternoon.

One angry agitator threatened to spray-paint my phone if she sees me when cops aren’t around.

“Hey, if I see your face outside of this, I will spray-paint your phone. Just letting you know now. Yeah, I will. I will spray-paint you…,” she yelled at me.

Another woman told me to stop filming. I told her no, she got mad, and then tried to block my phone with a notepad. She was very short. It was futile. While trying to block my recording, another man started filming her.

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