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Seattle Police Guild head says protesters outside his home won’t intimidate him

(KIRO Radio, Matt Pitman)

Last night in Seattle a group of protesters spent the evening standing outside of the home Mike Solan, the president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild. There have been similar occurrences outside the homes of former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best and Mayor Jenny Durkan. Solan joined the Dori Monson Show to discuss what happened and how Seattle politicians are allowing this.

“Well, it’s clear that these people are desperate and as a person who dedicated my life to serve other human beings who are in need of help, when I see the mob behavior visit my doorstep, what it does for me and my family is it just emboldens us to continue to push back against that nonsensical activism,” he said.

“Frankly, it will never stop me ever. And I think if more people have that mindset and have the courage to stand up, we can win … As a husband as a father, obviously I will defend my family’s security until I can’t anymore.”

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Solan says he is prepared to defend himself should the mob take things even further at his property.

“If these mob individuals bring a fight to my doorstep, they better be prepared for a significant response,” he said.

“Meaning what?” Dori asked.

“I think your listenership understands what I’m referring to, that if they approach my property with intent to breach my property line, with an intent to conduct criminal activity, to hurt my family, it’s a different ball game here,” Solan said.

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Solan believes that if Seattle leaders and officials took a harder stance against this type of activity, the groups would be less emboldened in doing so, and that their silence on it is all politics.

“This is happening because our feckless leaders aren’t doing anything to denounce this publicly. I firmly believe that if they put forth a strong message publicly to condemn these criminal actions, this would die down. But of course they won’t. Because this is all about politics,” he said.

“The job of policing, the profession that it is, the history behind this profession — we’re being used for political purposes for the November election. We’re pawns in this struggle. And this energy by the far left radical parts of our society are using police as that pawn to divide our nation based upon false narratives … This mob behavior, this intimidated mob justice ideology that is dividing our country more than uniting us, backed by our feckless politicians, only emboldens me to continue to push back because we’re in a struggle for America right now, we’re on a razor’s edge.”

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