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Questions for the upcoming debate


Debate questions for Joe Biden

– You’ve supported nationwide demonstrations for racial justice, but would you want them to continue after you’re president? How would you scale down the occasionally violent protests?
– In the primaries, you moved sharply left – on abortion funding, free college, climate policy and more. As president, would you continue that shift as demanded by your party’s progressive wing?
– Did you grow up with “white privilege” – the advantages that purportedly benefit people of European descent? How would you erase such privilege in the future?
– Many Christian and Jewish friends of Israel appreciate the pro-Israel policies of President Trump. Would you build on those policies, or alter them and, if so, how?
– Would you appoint a 78-year-old as a top Cabinet official and, if so, how would you make sure that candidate was up to the job?

Debate questions for President Trump

– Two-thirds of Americans say we’re headed in the wrong direction. What will be different in your second term to deliver a change in course?
– You don’t believe our country suffers from “systemic racism,” so how do you explain the persistent black-white gaps in economics, education, criminal justice and more?
– In 2016, you promised to pay off the national debt, deport 11 million illegals, and replace Obamacare. Will you pursue these same goals in a second term, or make new promises?
– If America’s the world’s greatest, richest nation, why do we lag in fighting COVID19- with five times more deaths per population than world averages?
– Unusual turmoil has characterized your White House staff and cabinet, with former associates writing angry books denouncing your leadership. Why?

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