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seattle antifa molotov cocktail protest violence
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Rantz: 30 photos of weapons, violence at ‘peaceful protests’ in Seattle

Despite the best efforts of Progressive activists, claims that Seattle protests have been peaceful are easily dispelled with the ample video and photographic evidence showing the contrary. But criminal agitators and their enablers continue to push online propaganda.

Over the Labor Day weekend, a mob descended upon the Seattle Police Officers Guild building in SoDo. Some were armed at this “peaceful” Seattle protest. Indeed, there was a literal box of Molotov Cocktails that police confiscated before agitators used them against the building and police officers.

Rantz: Rioters tried to burn Seattle police alive, sealed door during fire at East Precinct

Nevertheless, propagandists online claim police cleared the mob with unwarranted aggression. They use selectively edited video to show cops as aggressors and the agitator mob as peaceful. The activist echo chamber then amplifies the lies to foment more anti-police hatred.

To combat the lies about peaceful protests in Seattle, I’ve compiled 30 photos of weapons and violence from the “Summer of Love” and into Labor Day.

Please review the photos and amplify this post by sharing on your social media accounts. Together, we can push back against the lies Antifa and other agitators are hoping to use to con the public.

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