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Espinoza, superintendent
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A visual review of Washington state sex-ed curricula Chris Reykdal would like to hide

Maia Espinoza is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction. (Maia Espinoza)

Maia Espinoza, candidate for state Superintendent of Public Instruction sat down with Todd Herman to review examples of two sex-ed curricula approved for use in government schools in Washington state.

Follow along on video as Todd and Maia look at the teacher’s guides for kids as young as kindergarten, who are taught that “some boys” have penises and “some girls” have vaginas. Check out the teacher’s curriculum guide here. Warning: Language is graphic in nature.

Continue to watch, as Todd and Maia look at some of the lessons for older kids, including a scenario called “Senior Challenge,” where graduating seniors have a contest to see who can have sex with the youngest student.

Warning: Some language in the discussion is graphic in nature.

Previously, this curricula had been directly linked from the state’s website, run by Chris Reykdal, who sponsored the legislation that forces schools to adopt curriculum similar to what Todd and Maia review in the video. After Reykdal lost in court to Maia Espinoza, who wrote in the voter’s guide that Reykdal’s approved curricula would teach 4th graders multiple sexual positions, the state website was updated and the links to the curriculum made harder to find. In the video, Maia Espinoza demonstrates they are still linked there. Reykdal’s office claims the update had been previously planned.

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