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Rantz: Mayor Durkan calls media criticisms about hiring ex-pimp ‘racist’

Not This Time's Andre Taylor (Left, photo from KIRO 7) and Mayor Jenny Durkan (Right, photo from Getty Images)

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says it’s “racist” for media members to criticize an ex-pimp and ally she recently gifted with a six-figure city contract.

Andre Taylor is an outspoken community activist who is hypercritical of police. He earned the trust of Durkan by giving her political cover during the violent and deadly days of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). His role is as a “street czar” to connect with criminals who otherwise may not talk to the police. How the city measures his success remains nebulous, and it’s happening at a time the city is preparing to lay off roughly 70 police officers.

Now, Durkan’s returning the favor by defending his past. But it also is meant to dismiss reasonable criticism that a feminist, progressive mayor hired a former pimp.

It’s ‘racist’ to criticize former pimp?

Q13’s Brandi Kruse asked Durkan about her thoughts with some media outlets amplifying Taylor’s past to criticize him.

“I actually think they’re racist,” Durkan declared. “I think we’re a country that believes in redemption and that if people come out of a criminal past, they have the right to remake themselves and to do something positive in the community. And I think they’re just very hyperbolic.”

I’ve yet to find any media criticism that mentions his race. It’s unclear if she thinks the reporters are racist or the coverage is racist. But this reads like Durkan is trying to call you a racist in order to get you to stop asking reasonable questions about her hire.

When you hire a former pimp who not only served time in jail, but was also tied to a 16-year-old runaway who the Daily Mail says was recruited, there will be questions and criticisms. This is normal.

When you claim to be a feminist who cares deeply about protecting women, you should also expect to be called out. But Durkan wants to deflect. Indeed, she always wants to deflect. After fringe activists established CHAZ, Durkan dismissed it as a “summer of love.”

Oh, the irony

Durkan made another statement in her interview that is worth noting. It shows you how hypocritical the Mayor can be.

“Again, it’s a reflection of these partisan times where you’re either good or you’re bad,” Durkan unironically noted. “You can’t be someone who can be working for positive change and disagree with you?”

This is a rich statement given that when President Trump offered to send federal help to quell the sustained and violent riots in Seattle, Durkan accused him of setting up a “trial run” for martial law.

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