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Rantz: 68 photos as Seattle Antifa agitators disrupt pro-police rally

Seattle Antifa, agitators, and Black Lives Matter activists disrupted a peaceful pro-police rally in Seattle. The intent was clear: to drown out speakers and push them from their space. It was mostly successful.

About 50 rallygoers gathered at Green Lake Park on Saturday afternoon to support the Seattle Police Department. But in Seattle, Antifa and other activists can’t allow that. If you don’t take their position, they will stop you from speaking.

Seattle Antifa had goal of stifling speech

Antifa and other black bloc activists didn’t show up to also peacefully assemble. They marched to the pro-police rally and immediately shouted and chanted in order to drown out the pro-police speakers. In the name of fighting imaginary fascism, Antifa prevented people from peacefully assembling and expressing themselves.

Some skirmishes broke out during the demonstration. Two pro-police activists were sprayed by Antifa with mace or some other irritant. At one point, a random jogger who was just out for a run stopped to call out an Antifa member who was harassing police.

It could have been more civil and productive. The Antifa group included people who seemed genuinely interested in civil dialogue with rallygoers who invited them to speak. Unlike the Antifa group as a whole, the pro-police activists tried to engage. Some anti-police activists engaged. There was the promise of so much more had it not been for the professional agitators disinterested in conversation.

Unfortunately, most of Antifa, a few of them armed with weapons and what appeared to be mace, were there simply to disrupt. That’s too bad. We all lose when two sides can’t come together to even talk.

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