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Michael Medved backs both GOP, Dems in 2020 Voters Guide

Gov. Inslee and Former Vice President Joe Biden. (Getty Images)

Before you fill out your 2020 ballot, find out how KTTH’s Michael Medved is voting in the 2020 election.

President: Joe Biden

For 32 years, from 1980 through 2012, I only voted for Republican nominees for president, proudly backing principled conservatives from Ronald Reagan to Mitt Romney.

This time, I am voting for Joe Biden, not because I feel confident that he will reconcile the nation’s warring tribes but because I believe there’s at least a chance that he might. With another term of Trump, there is no chance.

For two reasons, a second term would bring disastrous consequences. First, because a triumphant Trump would view his upset victory as the justification for more divisiveness, crushing deficits and chaotic governance. Second, giving an impulsive president “Four More Years” would bring far more suffering. Even our greatest chief executives, from Washington and Jefferson through FDR and Reagan, suffered significant setbacks in their second terms, paralyzed as lame ducks whose encore agendas never match their first term achievements.

That’s a particular danger in Trump’s case, since he has stoutly refused to sketch out new plans for the years ahead and seems perfectly content to promise more of the same.

Why would any voter want more of this?

Opinion polls show that over two-thirds who say our nation is on the wrong track, with less than a third of us who sense we’re moving in the right direction. We can’t change course without changing leadership at the top. Most Americans understand that dilemma and will, after the resounding rejection the president richly deserves, feel an instant sense of relief and a burst of fresh hope. That also means a new beginning for my party, the GOP, and I hope to participate in many meaningful Republican victories in the future.

Governor: Jay Inslee

For the most part, Jay Inslee has been a mediocre governor, and I disagree with his climate obsession and his itch to raise taxes, but in two terms, he hasn’t yet managed to wreck the state of Washington.

Meanwhile, the Republican opposing him hasn’t even managed to mount a credible campaign and is utterly unqualified for a position of executive leadership, promising unqualified chaos in Olympia. Inslee might hurt the state in the course of a third term, but Loren Culp would damage Washington immediately and utterly ruin the Republican Party, pushing it further into irrelevance and delaying its needed comeback and reformation.

Lt. Governor: Write-in Joshua Freed

Denny Heck is a decent guy and clearly preferable to Marko Liias but, fortunately, there’s a third choice. Joshua Freed, a conservative Republican, is running as a write-in candidate and it’s not altogether inconceivable that he could win.

With two powerful, well-funded Democrats dividing their party’s vote, Freed could prevail with 35 to 36%. Surely Republicans, even in this deep blue state, should be able to muster that much of the electorate. It may sound like an impossible dream, but it’s actually a surprisingly plausible scheme to bring much-needed balance to Olympia.

Referendum 90: An emphatic no

Sex ed for kindergartners? Surely, they’ve got to be kidding, but unfortunately they’re not. If your local school district wants to devote countless hours teaching very young children about the birds and the bees, then on a local basis you can at least stand up to them and demand a change. With the brute power of the state, resistance is futile – unless we succeed in defeating this idiotic proposal by a landslide margin.

Other statewide races: Wyman, Davidson, Larkin

The two elected Republicans in state government, Secretary of State Kim Wyman and Treasurer Duane Davidson, both deserve re-election as capable public servants; Attorney General Bob Ferguson does not. Matt Larkin, the Republican challenger to “Lawsuit Bob”, may face an uphill struggle but wins my support, with a long record of admirable community service.

Find out where to find a ballot dropbox before Election Day 2020

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