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KIRO Radio presents: ‘A Walk in the Dark’

Every year at Halloween, the voices of KIRO Radio put on a special Halloween play, usually held at Town Hall. Of course, with the pandemic, audiences aren’t allowed, but that did not stop the show.

On Thursday, using virtual media, many of the KIRO Radio’s show hosts, editors, and reporters got together online to broadcast “A Walk in the Dark” in collaboration with Seattle Radio Theater, scripted by Feliks Banel.

The play features KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross, Colleen O’Brien, Chris Sullivan, Ursula Reutin, Mike Lewis, Aaron Granillo, Meili Cady, and more! It was Zoom-based, remotely acted and produced. There were a few to-be-expected technical difficulties, but it all came together in the end.

“I’m like 20 seconds away from my part, I can’t hear a thing, … then all the sudden [overnight anchor Frank Shiers’] voice popped on and out the door we went. It was amazing,” Sullivan recounted on Seattle’s Morning News on Friday.

“What makes it exciting is that it’s all live. So there’s no taking it back,” Ross said. “… This may be radio history. I don’t know that any other station would dare to do a Zoom call like that live.”

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