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KIRO Radio hosts discuss their Thanksgiving plans amid a pandemic

(AP Photo/Kathy Young)

We’re two weeks from Thanksgiving, but plans are already being made and difficult conversations are being had.

Jay Inslee, accompanied by his wife Trudi, implored Washingtonians to reconsider holding a conventional Thanksgiving dinner with extended family this year.

“Please do not have Thanksgiving gatherings unless you’re positive that everyone there has quarantined successfully for 14 days,” Inslee said during a press briefing Thursday evening, “which would start today.”

KIRO Radio hosts have been grappling with this question all week.

Ursula Reutin is almost hoping Inslee makes the decision for her, announcing a lockdown that precludes her from having to tell her sister not to come over.

Gee Scott says a good rule of thumb is to not hold a gathering you’re uncomfortable posting photos of on social media.

John Curley won’t be meeting with family this year, but that has nothing to do with his interest in complying with Inslee’s recommendations. He just doesn’t like the cooking of the family members that will have him.

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