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Gov. Jay Inslee
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Klickitat County sheriff says he won’t enforce Inslee’s ‘unconstitutional’ orders

Gov. Jay Inslee. (TVW)

Many businesses are continuing to struggle amid ongoing COVID restrictions, with some seeming to openly defy many of Gov. Jay Inslee’s mandates. In Klickitat County, Sheriff Bob Songer told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show that he won’t enforce Inslee’s “unconstitutional” orders on mask wearing, restrictions on social gatherings, and rules with regards to restaurants and bars.

“Well, first of all, I believe his orders are not law. And secondly, they’re unconstitutional … As sheriff, I can assure (businesses) I am not going to be citing them that they’re in violation or any of that. However, I do not have authority over their business license. That’s kind of where the governor has these small businesses over a barrel … he can send in his L&I agents, state liquor and cannabis agents and cite these businesses, if they’re not following his orders,” he said.

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“I have told businesses … if L&I agents show up, if state liquor agents show up at their business, call me immediately, because I would want to be there as a witness to what is going on,” Songer added. “And I’ve also advised some of the businesses to let them know that you’re tape recording their conversation between you and them, because what they say to you at your business, it might be pretty important to show that there’s harassment going on.”

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Sheriff Songer says he will not interfere with the agents, and understands that some of them are just doing their job, but claims what’s happening is unconstitutional.

“I’ll just be a standby witness and probably ask some questions of those agents,” he said. “Now, I’m sure some of those agents are good people following the marching orders of their governor. It’s not a personal thing against individual agents, but I think it’s an unconstitutional direction.”

“I think what these businesses ought to do is consider a class action lawsuit under federal law [and] under the Constitution,” he added.

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