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Rantz: Socialist Seattle CM Kshama Sawant takes big, out-of-state dollars to fight recall

Seattle’s divisive Socialist city councilwoman Kshama Sawant is raking in big dollars from out-of-state donors trying to save the firebrand’s political career.

Sawant is sitting on roughly $100,000 in donations as she faces recall over a number of misconduct allegations. Normally, she rails against outside interests trying to interfere with her district. This time, she’ll happily cash those checks.

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Big donors try to save Socialist Sawant

Apparently, many of Sawant’s big donors appreciate not redistributing their wealth to government programs. Instead, they save up and give to causes they support. That’s how it should be, even if the irony of their actions is lost on them.

As of Dec. 1, 33 individual donors gave $1,000 to the Kshama Solidarity Campaign, according to filings with the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission. Over half of those donors live outside of her district, and 13 out of state.

In contrast to Sawant’s donor base, the Recall Sawant effort saw 82% of their contributions from Seattle residents. And they’re relying less on big donors as Sawant.

Sawant’s strategy is to lie about recall effort

Whether it’s to raise money or convince constituents to ignore signature gatherers, Sawant’s strategy is to pretend the recall effort was created and fueled by the “right wing.” This is a lie.

The movement was spearheaded by progressive Democrat Ernie Lou. He’s a resident of Capitol Hill who grew weary of Sawant’s antics. And given the vast majority of contributions come from Seattleites — and there are approximately 17 conservatives in Seattle — a right-wing conspiracy to oust Sawant is nonexistent.

Like many, Lou realizes Sawant is self-serving and doesn’t have the city’s best interests in mind. Indeed, that so many out-of-state donors are helping her is telling. Socialists around the country are using Seattle as a testing ground for their dangerous and destructive policies.

The Philadelphia Socialist Alternative chapter doesn’t hide their agenda. On Facebook, they forward the “right-wing” canard and admit it’s not just about Seattle.

Their “campaign against the recall is tied to an inspiring program of offensive demands,” which include a civilian-controlled police force, a Green New Deal, and free rent. Perhaps if they stopped giving all their money to Socialist Alternative they could pay their rent?

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