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The Rundown: Cal Anderson Park sweep (or lack thereof)

Cal Anderson Park over the summer. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

Cal Anderson Park in Seattle transformed into an unsanctioned homeless encampment in recent months, and the city planned to clear it this week.

The plan was derailed after a lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman living in the park, arguing it violated the requirement to provide shelter to anyone displaced by a sweep.

Gee Scott is frustrated enough at this point to start advocating for forced removal.

John Curley says there’s a difference between protesters and the homeless, and sometimes that gets lost.

The judge, after considering the arguments, decided to allow the sweep to move forward. Tom Tangney is worried about the clash that might be to come.

Federal judge won’t stop sweep of Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park

Ultimately, this story is another example of Seattle’s active activist culture, a reason some officers cite when they leave the region. Dori spoke to former King County Sgt. Viktor White about why he left for Arkansas.

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