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Rantz: Mythical Antifa peacefully riot after saying they’d riot, catching Seattle, Portland off guard

If Antifa existed, this would be a photo of them committing peaceful acts of terrorism. (Photo: KIRO 7)

Antifa, the mythical group invented by right-wingers for reasons unknown, peacefully rioted in Seattle and Portland. Though they posted flyers on social media saying they would turn violent, some were caught off-guard.

Joe Biden’s America, am I right?

After several acts of non-violent property destruction and love taps the police foolishly label “assault,” Seattle police arrested at least two freedom fighters. Portland police arrested eight, with police clearly planting a large knife on one of the suspects (who was possibly seen on video brandishing the “weapon” before police made contact).

In Seattle, the heroic activists valiantly fought to protect Black lives from police brutality by destroying the storefronts of Starbucks and Amazon Go, the only retail locations offering jobs Antifa activists are (barely) qualified for.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Antifa activists rearranged the glass and exterior of the Democrat Party headquarters with hammers and spray paint. But this was merely a belated “thank you” to the party that offered the definitely-not-domestic-terrorists support for six months last year.

Though Antifa activists used Twitter and Facebook (but not Parler) to openly plan their non-violent block parties, sharing flyers detailing their peaceful plans to burn property, some locals and news outlets were caught off guard by the sheer love and sunshine the groups provided the Pacific Northwest.

Antifa violence will continue in Seattle and Portland

While Democrats pretend to take political violence seriously, only calling it out when conservatives infrequently engage in the odious form of activism, Antifa continues to roam the streets of their communities committing blatant acts of destruction.

You’ll get a dozen press releases after an “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol, but months of nonstop violence will hardly earn a tweet from a Seattle councilmember. Their inaction in condemning their supporters has consequences.

Consequently, aimless, privileged, 20-somethings douse themselves with too much Axe body spray, leave their parents basement or mother-in-law apartment in Kirkland or Woodinville for the first time in days, and descend upon Seattle for destruction. The mostly-white, Socialist/Progressive degenerates think they’re fighting for a just cause. Or at least we pretend they do. Many are just looking to cause problems, disappointed that their lives are directionless.

No consequences for Antifa violence in Seattle or Portland

The violence won’t stop because… why should it? There are no consequences.

Antifa thugs rarely get charged, they have a political establishment that cheers them on (or ignores their violence), and too many in the local media is too terrified to call them out directly or pressure politicians to address the violence. And as Antifa destroys the city, businesses suffer from the terrorism, while cops are burdened with absurd complaints for legal arrests that aren’t charged, while engaged in a thankless job that the city is trying to defund anyway.

Oh, but Seattle (and Portland) takes violence seriously. And Democrats want unity. Or something.

UPDATE 01/21/2021 at 7:11pm

A suspect behind one of the acts of vandalism allegedly confessed. His name is Justin Christopher Moore. But a judge let him go free on his own personal recognizance. Read about it here.

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