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Rantz: Tacoma cop who drove out of crowd was swarmed, threatened by mob

Tacoma police. (KIRO 7)

Graphic video shows a Tacoma Police Department officer driving out of a mob of people surrounding his car.

One person was taken to a hospital. He originally was reported to have just minor injuries but that statement from police has been walked back, according to KIRO 7.

But while the Tacoma News Tribune mischaracterized the video and plenty of Twitter users jumped to dubious conclusions, one police source provided a better explanation about what happened. The mob was a threat to the officer and he acted in self-defense.

Mob was a threat to the officer

Police were called as drivers were doing illegal doughnuts and burnouts at the intersection of Ninth South and Pacific in Tacoma.

When one officer arrived, a mob surrounded his patrol vehicle, trying to block him from leaving. But they were also trying to break his windows according to a source.

“The crowd was violently punching and kicking his vehicle so much that it was rocking back and forth,” a Tacoma PD source tells the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “He was trapped. They surrounded the vehicle. He tried to back up but couldn’t. They were very violent. Some people were yelling to pull the cop out of the car.”

Fearing for his safety, the officer “inches forward to get them to get out of way activated his siren multiple times.”

But the mob ignored the officer and continued to pound on the car, posing a direct threat.

“He did not panic. He felt like his life was in danger and… [reasonable people would think] they were going to pull him out of the vehicle if they broke the window,” the source explains.

The witness who shot one of the videos confirmed to the Tacoma News Tribune that the mob of people swarmed the officer.

“A lot of people swarmed in that direction (of the police car),” the witness said. “They were intending to block him.”

Media, Twitter users react without context

Not understanding the context, Twitter users were enraged with what happened, as if the officer just wantonly drove through a crowd of innocent bystanders.

Not helping the situation was the framing by the Tacoma News Tribune. It’s extremely misleading.

“The video footage is clear, and hard to watch: a Tacoma Police patrol car running into and through a group of pedestrians,” Craig Sailor writes.

Except that’s not what the footage shows. It very clearly shows the mob surrounding the patrol vehicle, not a cop who was “running into and through” the crowd.

Other video has a witness literally saying, “they’re hitting the cop car.”

The lesson in all of this

The Tacoma officer was protecting himself from a mob. The video, out of context, doesn’t look good. Perhaps it’s why bad faith, anti-cop activists on Twitter don’t retweet the full video with more details.

As more video is posted online, we’ll get a better idea as to what happened. What’s clear is that the mob surrounded the officer’s vehicle, banging on his car. That is always unwise.

Thanks to anti-cop activists and some shoddy reporting, there’s been a wave of civilians mistreating cops. They seem to think that they can do whatever they want around an officer, perhaps thinking some local politician will have their back. Okay then. But keep in mind: when you go to war with a car, the car will almost always win.

When you foolishly decide to block cars, pound and kick, and pose a threat, it should not come as a shock to you when you’re treated as dangerous. You are, in fact, dangerous.

Don’t ever surround a car, whether it belongs to a police officer or anyone else. The civilians who were injured would have been better served abiding by this piece of advice.

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