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Protest over Tacoma police officer driving through crowd culminates in property damage

A large crowd of protesters gathered in downtown Tacoma on Sunday night in response to an incident in the same area where a police officer drove through a crowd of street racers. Two people were hospitalized for non-life threatening injuries as a result of Saturday’s incident.

Tacoma police car seen driving into crowd at street race downtown

As the crowd moved through Tacoma on Sunday, some people smashed windows, burned a garbage can, and spray-painted on buildings. Police ordered the group to disperse as they moved in around the Pierce County courthouse.

“We want to see the officer actually fired and charged,” one lifelong Tacoma resident holding a Defund TPD sign told The Seattle Times. “Paid vacation isn’t a punishment.”

KIRO Radio’s Hanna Scott reported damage to bail bonds storefronts “and a handful of other places,” although “many in the crowd did not seem to support the destruction.”

The Tacoma News Tribune reports that two people were arrested for allegedly attempting to illegally access a rooftop near the protest.

Meanwhile, Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards issued a statement Sunday, promising the incident that saw a police officer drive through a crowd “is being taken very seriously.”

“I, too, am deeply saddened by what we saw,” she said.

The officer who was behind the wheel of the vehicle is reportedly on administrative leave now, and the Pierce County Force Investigation Team treating the incident like a deadly use of force.

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