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John Curley’s solution to transgender bathroom debate is a Phillips screwdriver

Curley says the transgender bathroom debate proves privacy is now second in line behind people's feelings. (AP)

I was talking with my friend Todd Myers from the Washington Policy Center the other day and we came upon a solution for the transgender bathroom issue in North Carolina.

It’s quite simple and all it will take is a Phillips or flathead screwdriver.

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Simply remove the signs on the doors of the bathrooms.
The signs were placed there originally to tell people of a particular gender that this is where they need to go if they would like to walk into a room, whether it be a bathroom or a locker room, where everyone else in that room will be the exact same gender as them.

The sign was placed on the door to avoid confusion or embarrassment and to give some sense of privacy.

Since privacy is now second in line behind people’s feelings, let’s just get rid of the signs. That way no one can be judged for being in the wrong locker room.

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