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Rantz: Seattle activists livid as police shoot Black murder suspect, call it execution

(Seattle Police)

Seattle activists are livid that police shot and killed a suspected murderer after he shot at them. Why? Because the suspect is Black, and “ACAB” of course. This must be a wake up call to the city: Stop listening to these activists. They are tearing this city apart.

A who’s who of the area’s most intellectually dishonest and unhinged took to Twitter to register their disgust after news spread. They say the police are the murderers.

What should the police have done instead? They should have used rubber bullets or de-escalation tactics with an active shooter, they contend. One activist even says the cops shouldn’t have rushed to the neighborhood and should have spent time to formulate a plan to de-escalate without violence … while the man shot two women.

No, this wasn’t a murder

On Tuesday night, police responded to reports of gun shots near the Northwest African American Museum in Seattle.

When officers arrived, they heard multiple gun shots before encountering the unidentified man. He shot at police. They returned fire and struck the man. He died at the scene.

When officers searched the area, they found two female victims, both shot. One died on the way to the hospital, the other is in critical condition.

Based on what’s reported, the police did everything right. None of the officers showed up to work wanting to shoot anyone. But they did what was necessary because the suspect forced them to. The best way for a suspect not to be shot by police is to not allegedly shoot two women before shooting at officers.

Police released bodycam footage and the 911 audio. It’s graphic.

That radical, anti-police activists are upset the police shot a murderer should be a wake-up call that they need to be ignored, rather than given any power. In Seattle, however, they will not be ignored. They will still be given power. When will this change?

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Stop listening to these activists

Activists are mad despite knowing the details as reported. They do not seem to believe police should ever use force.

Sade Smith is an activist-lawyer who called the shooting an “extrajudicial killing.” It is not. She argues officers should use rubber bullets or flash bangs and, “shouldn’t just rush & create more risk. That’s their job. They are trained.”

Take notes, Seattle police: Don’t rush into a neighborhood with an active shooter. Carefully construct a plan with flash bangs, even if it takes 10 minutes or so. If a few more women need to be killed to satisfy Smith’s ideological view of policing, so be it.

Smith’s suggestions aren’t the craziest, of course. This is Seattle.

They are tearing Seattle apart

Activists can claim they are fighting injustice, but all they are doing is tearing the community apart. They take increasingly extreme positions so far outside the mainstream — so far outside the extreme — that even by Seattle standards, they should be rejected.

Good faith conversations about police reform are important and responsible — before and after tragedy. They should be ongoing, community-based, and inclusive of all ideas, not just voices hand-selected by the Seattle City Council or Mayor’s Office.

But the conversations around this shooting are a farce. And there are implications.

This incident will land on the Washington Post database of police shootings. Activists around the country will pretend it’s “yet another example of a Black man being shot by police.” Except it’s not. It’s an example of a suspected murderer, trying to kill police, being shot by police.

These activists will never be happy. They look for injustice where none exist. They create controversy when there is none. And they cause tension when there shouldn’t be.

Instead of a vigil for the actual victim, the murdered woman, activists Wednesday night marched with their traditional chants of “ACAB,” shouting “say his name” for the suspected murderer. How utterly disgraceful. How sadly predictable.

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