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Former KIRO Radio anchor Jeanne Lockhart succumbs to cancer

Former KIRO Radio anchor Jeanne Lockhart died Thursday after a long battle with breast cancer.

Our hearts are heavy at KIRO Radio after learning that our longtime colleague and friend, Jeanne Lockhart, passed away early Thursday morning after a five year battle with breast cancer.

Jeanne had worked in radio for many years before joining us in 1996, when she filled in for me while I was on my first maternity leave. She would always cheerfully remind me of that fact and it was one of the many reasons she’s always had a special place in my heart.

Everyone loved Jeanne. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body. She was a great anchor who’d enter the newsroom with a burst of energy and a big smile. You could always count on her to get things done.

Jeanne had a mind like a steel trap. Nothing would get past her. If there was breaking news, she’d be all over it and would come in early and stay late without ever being asked.

Even after she told me she’d been diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, she never complained about being sick and continued to work as long as she could. We always told Jeanne that she had a place here at KIRO and she could come back whenever she felt strong enough. We all hoped that day would come and we are so sad that we won’t have that opportunity to work with her again.

Rest in Peace Jeanne Lockhart. We love and miss you.

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