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Rantz: Seattle Rep. Pramila Jayapal smirks through vicious, racist smear of Black Senator

WA Rep. Pramila Jayapal. (Getty Images)

Seattle Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) loves to tout her progressive bona fides, but when it comes to a racist smear of a Black Senator, she was all smiles.

Jayapal was a guest on MSNBC’s program The Reidout, hosted by Joy Reid, best known for scorchingly bad hot takes and blaming a non-existent hacker for her homophobic blog. During a segment on the minimum wage, Reid played a clip of a Republican press conference. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), who is Black, was in attendance. But to progressive ideologues, any minority who votes Republican is a sellout.

Rather than argue the merits of the case Republicans made, Reid called out Scott as a token who offered the “patina of diversity.” She didn’t call out any statements he made. Indeed, she didn’t play anything he actually said. Instead, she turned him into a human prop for her to snidely comment that he’s a token to the Republican party.

While Reid spit out her venom, Jayapal smirked. She thought it was funny. Why is Jayapal OK with racism?

They’re not as woke as they claim to be

Jayapal has gone out of her way to call out racism when she perceives it, though only when she sees it coming from political opponents. When it’s used in front of her, she’s all smiles. And she won’t even respond in retrospect.

The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH reached out to Jayapal’s office for a comment, but received no response after multiple attempts.

Scott, however, isn’t staying quiet.

“Woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy. We need to take that seriously,” Scott said on FOX News, saying “when she calls a United States Senator, who’s a subject matter expert a prop, a token, or a superficial covering, that’s personal and that’s wrong and she should be held to account.”

Ironic criticism

For too many on the Left, your identity (racial, sexual, gender, etc.) is only really accepted if you hold progressive views. Oftentimes, Republicans of color are dismissed as not “Black enough” or “Latino enough,” etc., when they don’t take positions that Democrats demand of them. As a minority myself, I’ve certainly dealt with both tokenism and attacks from Democrats for not holding their political positions.

The statement attacking Scott is especially ironic.

Democrats routinely tokenize minorities for political gain. Rather than focus on skills or character, Democrats focus on race exclusively. President Joe Biden, for example, said he was choosing a cabinet that “looks like America” with a focus on literally looking like America rather than mentioning why his picks are qualified. It’s offensive and, yes, it’s racist.

That Jayapal sat by and found Reid’s racist attack amusing isn’t necessarily surprising. This isn’t the first time she’s sided with folks happy to denigrate people in bigoted ways.

Jayapal partners with anti-Semites

Jayapal partners with anti-Semitic members of the Squad, including Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Tlaib doesn’t believe in Israel’s right to exist, quite literally replacing Israel with a post-it note saying “Palestine.” She supports the anti-Semitic BDS movement and when colleagues condemned it, she employed the dual loyalty trope: ‘They forgot what country they represent.” Tlaib promoted a blood libel smear against Jews and said that Israel “unjustly oppress[es] & target[s] Palestinian children and families. #FreePalestine” after Israel responded to 350 rockets fired at them by terrorists. She even compared Israel to Nazi Germany, equating her boycott of Israel to anyone who might boycott Nazis.

Omar is equally hateful. After claiming she faced punishment for criticizing Israel, she tweeted, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby.” She singled out AIPAC — not other lobbyists. Just the Jews. Omar was called out for saying “Israel has hypnotized the world” and pushing dual loyalty: “I should not be expected to have allegiance/pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in Congress or serve on committee.” In a campaign ad against her opponent, she singled out three donors — the Jewish ones. American Jewish Congress condemned it, especially since she’s suggested Israel buys support (sensing a trend?).

Both Tlaib and Omar support the anti-Semitic Boycott Divest Sanction (BDS) movement, which singles out Israel as exclusively to blame for the region’s problems — including when terrorist organization Hamas murders Jews.

Speaking of BDS, Jayapal was one of just 17 members of the House who voted against a resolution to condemn that hateful movement. She joined Tlaib and Omar in that vote.

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