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Poll: Seattle metro area most eager in country to get the COVID vaccine

A COVID-19 vaccination site at the Outlet Collection in Auburn. (Photo courtesy of kcexec/Twitter)

A new poll found that the Seattle metro area — including Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties — is the most eager in the country to get the COVID vaccine. In January, the poll found that this area was second to San Francisco, but as of March, it is number one with 73% saying they are planning to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

“So they ask, what has changed?” KIRO Radio’s Tom Tangney said. “And what’s really changed is that — at least for us in the Seattle area — is the safety issue, because between January and March enough people took it and didn’t break out in hives or something that the safety issue has dropped by half.”

The other number that dropped in half is the number of people who didn’t want to take it because they believed there are people that needed it more than they do. But one factor remained the same.

“The only factor that didn’t change one iota for a reason not to get vaccinated right off the bat was — you’ll love this, John — distrust in government,” Tom added.

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“That stayed absolutely the same all the way through. And so that remains the number one reason why the Seattle or the Snohomish County, King County, Pierce County people won’t get the vaccine.”

For co-host John Curley, you can can classify the types of people who were hesitant at first.

“So that means the government has done nothing to make people trust them. So you haven’t moved the needle on that. You have the people that were like, ‘You go first and if you don’t die, I’ll go.’ You have those people,” he said.

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“Then you have the other people that are like, ‘No, no, no, you go before me, you’re old and I don’t want to jump in front of you. Besides, I want to see if you get it and you don’t die,'” he joked.

“And then there’s nothing to move the others.”

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