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Spokane County sheriff taking advantage of Seattle’s police exodus

Spokane County Sheriff's car parked in Medical Lake. (Creative Commons, Richard Bauer)

By the end of May, the Seattle Police Department will have lost nearly 100 police officers. Sixty six officers have already separated from the department.

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich explains to KTTH’s Jason Rantz that he’s taking advantage of the situation. He has billboards up in an effort to recruit cops from Seattle, Portland, and Denver.

SPOG president: Continued exodus of Seattle police officers ‘a community crisis’

“We’re targeting areas where governmental leadership has proven not to support their law enforcement officers — has devalued them — and offer them a place to come work where the community values them,” Knezovich said. “If people want to come to work in a region that really, truly values law enforcement, we’re offering that.”

About six weeks into the campaign, he says they have about 30 people who have reached out. He says it’s very been successful.

The recruits have shared their experiences of their former job with the sheriff.

“They’re really disappointed in leadership for allowing what has happened to their communities,” Knezovich said. “They’re really frustrated with the fact that they were not allowed to protect their communities.”

Knezovich said that radicals have seized power in certain areas — like Seattle and Portland — and this is what it looks like if they do gain total control. He believes it’ll end when mom and pop citizens get involved and start voting (in primaries) again to prevent radical political candidates from moving forward.

“That’s how you take the government back,” Knezovich said.

More information about positions with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

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