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Todd Herman Show Notes: 5.3.2021

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WATCH: Rose McGowan appears on Fox News…

READ: Jason Rantz on Twitter

WATCH: Lara Logan on Twitter

READ: Safe Seattle on Facebook –In Seattle, some Religions are More Equal than Others

READ: KOMO- Idaho governor signs critical race theory bill

READ: “Men Can’t Be Lesbians” Is Hate Speech Now?

READ: China’s Digital Yuan Is Technocracy’s Dream Currency

HIGHLIGHT: It’s COVID Theater Time!

READ: Joe Concha on Twitter


WATCH: Daily Caller on Twitter

WATCH: Leon County School Board Meeting 4/27/21 – Community Comments – Megan Mansel

WATCH: Sen. Mitt Romney booed at Utah GOP convention

WATCH: Jason Rantz on Twitter


READ: Alex Berensen on Twitter

WATCH: Inslee: Fully vaccinated people to get special treatment for sports, performances

READ: It’s time to start shunning the ‘vaccine hesitant.’ They’re blocking COVID herd immunity.

WATCH: Biden Can’t Find his Mask

READ: Los Angeles Landlord Says He is Now Homeless Due to COVID Eviction Moratoriumb

READ: Biden Erased Decades of Historic Crimes in His Speech to Congress

READ: Biden Must Reimburse Taxpayers for “Aggressive” Tax Avoidance

WATCH: Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter

READ: Alex Berensen on Twitter

WATCH: Alex Berensen on Twitter

READ: Retrospective cohort study of Ivermectin as a SARS-CoV-2 pre-exposure prophylaxis method in Healthcare Workers


HIGHLIGHT: Just a Few More Things

THING 1 Here’s how the Mockingbirds covered the speech by Biden’s dementia Vs the speech Tim Scott gave.

THING 2 MSNBC Struggles to Find Biden Speech Watchers: ‘They Just Went to Bed’

THING 3 Even Trevor Noah Mocks Media’s Mushy Reaction to Biden’s Speech

THING 4  Meyers: Now, the Only Controversial Name We Hear from the Biden Admin. Is Major

THING 5 MSNBC Hater Dowd: CANCEL All ‘Insane’ Republicans From TV


READ: Cops Arrest Christian Pastor For Reading From The Bible, Citing “Homophobic Comments”

READ: Student body president of Virginia Commonwealth University has history of violent extremist, racist online posts

WATCH: Trump supporter shares what he uncovered after infiltrating anti-fascist group in Northern California

READ: Bryan Dean Wright on Twitter

READ: Bryan Dean Wright on Twitter

READ: Dan Noyes on Twitter

WATCH: Get ready to shove hot pokers in your ears after listening to a man sing a Dr. Fauci love song to the tune of “Mr. Sandman”

WATCH: Zeke Emanuel Regrets that Biden Isn’t Forcing Vaccinated Americans into a Database with Individual QR Codes

WATCH: John Walsh on Twitter


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