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Woodland Park Zoo to relax its mask requirements for outdoor spaces

A sign at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle reminds guests to keep their distance. (MyNorthwest photo)

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo has officially relaxed its masking requirements for all guests age 5 and older.

The new rules make it so guests will no longer be required to wear a mask in the zoo’s outdoor spaces, although they are “encouraged” to wear a facial covering. Masks are still required for all indoor areas, including restrooms, restaurants, gift shop, and indoor exhibits.

The shift in policy is one that the zoo’s senior director, Toni Goodwin Sells, described as “a thoughtful decision” approved by an internal safety panel.

Additionally, the zoo announced that more exhibits are now reopened to the public.

“We’re excited to reopen some exhibit spaces we’ve had closed for a while due to the pandemic,” Godwin Sells said last week.

That means guests can now once against explore the aviary, the wetlands exhibit, and the family farm.

The zoo also notes that visitors should bring a mask to ensure that they can visit all areas.

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