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Driver says heartwarming geese crossing in Bellevue turned to horror scene

These were not the Canada geese killed in Bellevue on Tuesday. But the family of geese in the crosswalk looked pretty similar to this one. (Photo by Phil Inglis/Getty Images)

A Bellevue driver thought he and his wife were witnessing a heartwarming scene of humans helping creatures cross the street on Tuesday. That is until another driver blasted through the intersection and created an instant nightmare.

Cameron was driving eastbound on Northeast 8th Street approaching 116th Avenue Northeast, where he wanted to turn right.

He was in the car with his wife and they were waiting at a red light. Across the street on the sidewalk were two adult geese and their four goslings. A pedestrian was helping them across the crosswalk and all the vehicles were stopped, waiting for the family of geese.

“And then all of a sudden, this white car in the left lane heading eastbound on NE 8th barrels through the green light,” Cameron told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show. “He wasn’t doing the speed limit. He was speeding. And he barrels right through all four geese in the crosswalk.”

“There’s no way that the driver did not see those geese,” Cameron said. “It was just so unbelievable. It was so heartbreaking.”

Cameron said it wasn’t clear if the babies were hit or the adults. By the time they circled the blocked and returned to the intersection to clean up and help out, the geese were gone.

If the light was green, Dori wanted to know if the driver broke any laws.

The Bellevue Police Department confirmed to the Dori Monson Show that the incident was reported.

They would have to be able to prove intent for an animal cruelty charge and it’s only one person’s word against another. It would be extremely difficult. Plus, there’s no license plate for a suspect.

Cameron said he called police and hoped they would check the traffic cams. He says someone should be held accountable.

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