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Gov. Inslee repeals trio of pandemic-related proclamations as state approaches reopening

Gov. Inslee signs a bill. (From the Office of the Governor)

Gov. Jay Inslee announced Monday that he would be rolling back three pandemic-related proclamations ahead of the state’s scheduled reopening on June 30.

Seattle extends city’s COVID-19 eviction moratorium to September

The first of the three proclamations coming off the books had suspended the job search requirement for people receiving unemployment benefits. That requirement had originally been paused shortly after the start of the pandemic, when unemployment rates had skyrocketed, and thousands of jobs were no longer available due to COVID-related shutdowns.

Washington’s Employment Security Department first announced in early June that the job search requirement would return on July 5, with Inslee’s Monday proclamation formalizing the move.

The second proclamation being rescinded had prohibited employers from discriminating against “high-risk” workers over the course of the pandemic. In the months following its initial implementation, the state Legislature passed a bill codifying those protections in the event of any future public health emergencies. The rescission of this measure will go into effect on June 28.

GOP leaders again call on Gov. Inslee to fully reopen Washington

A third proclamation limiting fees third-party delivery services could charge restaurants ended Monday. Those limits had been enacted in late February of 2020, as restaurants were beginning to shut their doors and were relying on takeout and delivery in order to stay afloat.

As Washington continues to approach its June 30 reopening, Gov. Inslee’s office said that “it is expected additional proclamations will be rescinded in the coming days and weeks” as well.

While many have called on Inslee to extend a statewide eviction moratorium through the end of the year, that measure is still currently set to expire at the end of the month.

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