Rantz: WA department forces anti-white training and resources on staff; asked to attest their biases

Aug 23, 2021, 6:34 PM | Updated: Aug 24, 2021, 11:22 am
The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries is forcing racist, anti-white "diversity" training and resources on its staff.

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries is forcing racist, anti-white “diversity” training and resources on its staff. While the training is being fully developed, the department is offering interim resources that demonize white people. One of the worksheets even asks its white employees to attest to their privilege.

L&I developed the policies largely due to a mandate by State Human Resources. It intends to foster a more inclusive workplace and prevent discrimination and racism. But it does just the opposite: It flatly demonizes white people and condescends to people of color. And if you view white people as racists benefiting from privilege, can you be fair when investigating discrimination claims for the department?

The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH obtained screenshots of the content provided by L&I staff outraged by the content. Many of the resources are to shame white employees.

Anti-white resources claim only whites are racist

L&I recently adopted two new department policies covering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Respect in the Workplace. Staff must complete training on cultural humility, oppression, and diversity.

On the surface, the resources offered to L&I staff make the content seem inauspicious. It asks to allow “space for sharing diverse perspectives,” for example. That sounds ideal.

But a deeper dive into the material and it becomes clear: It’s objectively anti-white. Indeed, the white staff is the intended audience for much of the material. It hopes white people will restore “relationships with marginalized and oppressed communities within L&I.”

The training and resources define racism as a view that can only be held by white people. It argues that racism is “racial prejudice plus power,” which creates in the United States a “white dominant culture that reinforces the use of power to create privilege for white people while marginalizing people of color,” whether intentional or not.

The staff gets a list of 41 “common racist attitudes and behaviors” that “so many whites tend to have.”

They’re told that to be respectful of other cultural identities, white people must acknowledge the “systems of oppression” that they created. For the staff of color, L&I resources suggest that they are victims of institutional racism and that they must “work toward dismantling it through the balanced process of calling it out and taking care of one’s self.” And the staff are asked to watch a TED Talk on white privilege.

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L&I training explains why you’re a racist

Judging by the L&I-posted resources, the department believes all its white employees are virulent racists.

One resource, compiled by Dr. Kathy Obear, is called “Common Patterns of Racist Attitudes and Behaviors of Many Whites.” As a white woman undoubtedly experiencing privilege, given she makes a living off what looks like a race grift, she spends considerable time on Twitter retweeting anti-Trump and anti-Republican propaganda.

White staffers are told they tend to “work to maintain the status quo and protect the advantages and privileges they receive.” They often “resent taking direction from a person of color.” And claiming not to be racist, according to the list, is racist.

Employees learn that most of their white colleagues didn’t earn their jobs. Instead, they benefited from white privilege.

According to the racist resource, “whites tend to believe they have ‘earned’ what they have, rather than acknowledge the extensive white privilege and unearned advantages they receive.” They also foolishly believe that people of color can work hard for advancement. This is apparently a false belief.

Didn’t catch what your Black or Latino colleague said? Well, if you “ask people of color to repeat what they have just said,” it’s racist. And if you check in with a colleague of color and ask a good-faith question about racism, that’s also racist.

In essence: Everything white people do is racist.

Admit it, white people: You’re all racist!

L&I posted another worksheet by Obear titled “Suggested Competencies for White Allies and Change Agents.”

The document is for the white staff to attest to their “current level of competence” so they can “identify goals for professional development.” The white staffer grades oneself on a scale of 1-5 on how often they effectively demonstrate the focus of a statement.

One statement gauges whether or not the staffer realizes how “how institutional racism permeates societal institutions, including the legal, policing, and justice system, housing, health care, education, employment, the military, politics, the media, entertainment, etc.”

Another has staff explain whether they “continually research and share national/international trends and promising practices to help organizations achieve greater racial justice.”

Other statements include:

  • I recognize how I was socialized as a white person and how these experiences still impact me today.
  • I understand the damage and devastation whites have perpetuated on people of color over the centuries and currently.
  • I recognize the common daily indignities and racist microaggressions that people of color experience.

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Writing prompts to acknowledge your white fragility

Another resource involves writing prompts. White staff can use them when they’re upset they were called a racist. But the text implies that white people are, in fact, all racist. This resource merely helps them understand why they are racist and has them reflect on why people of color (or other white people) are right to call them out.

The prompts come courtesy of Leesa Renee Hall, an anti-bias facilitator who has a bias against white people. She asks staffers suffering from white guilt to write a 750-word essay based on the prompts.

“If you’re a white person and you truly, really want to show up and support people of colour without being accused of white fragility, spiritual bypassing, or white privilege, I’ve put together some writing prompts you can use to uncover what’s blocking you,” she says in the worksheet posted by L&I.

One of the prompts asks you to reflect on a time when a person of color led a work meeting or project. It asks you how you sabotaged him/her and asks if you truly accepted their leadership.

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The full training is coming soon

A spokesperson for L&I confirmed the department is mandating training. But it’s not yet ready.

“Once that training is finished and tested, we expect to use it with our staff,” the spokesperson told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

The resources posted online, a spokesperson says, will be relabeled to make it clear its not official training from L&I. The actual training is under development by the Department of Enterprise Services.

It recently posted a draft of the curriculum. It says the intent of the training is to provide an “understanding of DEI concepts, behaviors, and actionable steps towards culture change.”

Much like the resources offered to L&I staff, the draft policy leans into left-wing political views that focus on the United States as a white supremacist nation that installed systems of oppression. By the end of the training, the staff is supposed to have an “improved understanding of the history of racism in the United States and be able to articulate its role in the adverse impact to communities of color.” It’s unclear what that has to do with L&I work.

The draft policy will ask staff to detail “their own personal identity, values, biases, and privileges.” Staff must discuss “intersectionality in the workplace.” The training calls for roughly four hours of training to learn “concepts of oppression, power, privilege and inequity that perpetuate institutional, structural and systemic racism.”

Racist L&I resources has implications

The material is embarrassing and disgusting. Above all, it’s not merely racist — it’s anti-white.

It teaches people to judge others based on skin color. It labels all white people racist and all people of color victims of a racist system. If you were to utter much of the material out loud, substituting “white people” with any other racial group, you’d be fired on the spot at L&I.

That they’re teaching staff this level of toxic garbage should be worrisome. If you view white people with such anger, are you treating them equally in L&I investigations?

If you believe that only white people can be racist because of some power dynamic, can you actually fairly investigate a race discrimination claim by a white employee?

Can L&I defend the rights of white workers the same as those of people of color when the presumption is that all whites are racist?

Are you giving businesses run by people of color a pass for dangerous safety violations?

Powerful, racist white progressives implement training like this. They adopt this radical worldview thinking it’ll make them Black friends. It won’t. But it will sow discord and create conflict unnecessarily. And our tax dollars are paying for it.

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Rantz: WA department forces anti-white training and resources on staff; asked to attest their biases