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Days later, firefighters still spraying water on Everett fire

The fire in Everett that sent up a huge plume of smoke that was seen for miles around on Friday is still smouldering.

Ladder trucks remain at the scene of a recycling center at 101 West Marine View Drive, KIRO 7 reports.

People near the Everett waterfront all the way to Kirkland could see the smoke from the fire Friday evening. Crews fought to contain the fire between Friday night and Saturday morning.

The Everett Fire Department said more than 100 firefighters took part in battling the blaze. The department says the cause of the fire could ultimately be undetermined as the facility is too damaged to go in and sift through material to find a cause.

According to the Everett Herald, authorities shut down a business on the 7-acre lot where the fire is located more than a year ago over health and safety concerns. However, it’s unclear if the site was still in operation at the time of the fire.

Burlington Northern Train tracks were shut down, which run right alongside where the fire is burning. When the fire started — just before 7 p.m. — a long train with oil tanks was stopped along W. Marine View Dr.

There are no reported injuries.

KIRO 7 contributed to this story.

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