Rantz: Seattle’s Polyclinic pushes woke ‘anti-racist’ propaganda on patients

Sep 1, 2021, 6:08 PM | Updated: Sep 2, 2021, 5:24 am


Polyclinic Madison Center. (Screengrab: KIRO 7 TV)

(Screengrab: KIRO 7 TV)

Seattle’s Polyclinic wants patients to be woke, progressive, activist parents. The medical center proudly displays flyers describing ways to be an “anti-racist parent.” They’re not proud enough, however, to answer basic questions on why the flyers are posted.

The flyers list characteristics of “inclusive parents” on one side and “anti-racist parents” on the other. The flyer implies being inclusive is not good enough; that patients must step up and take specific, Polyclinic-approved steps to teach their kids to be progressive, race-obsessed activists.

The move is the latest we’ve seen from woke Seattle hospitals leaning into politics and activism. In turn, they’re just pushing away the patients they claim to care about.

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Being inclusive isn’t good enough for the Polyclinic

Can’t shake that feeling of guilt? Suffer from pale skin? Do you feel a compulsive need to teach your kids that all people of color need saving? The Polyclinic has a simple diagnosis: white privilege! Like many local hospitals, Polyclinic appears unafraid to delve into activism.

The flyer says an inclusive parent will “teach kids that people matter more than skin color.” Inexplicably, the flyer then argues to focus exclusively on race. It tells parents to “teach their kids that skin color deeply affects how people view us.”

Thanks to the identity politics of the Left, this has become undoubtedly true. It demands you view all white people as privileged and all Black people as needing a white savior. It’s demeaning and racist.

The Polyclinic wants patients to be progressive activists. (Photo: Jason Rantz/KTTH)

Inclusive parents, the flyer continues, will “talk about privilege and what it means.” But anti-racist parents will “give children contextual examples of their privilege, like being able to shop without being followed.” I hope the Polyclinic treats Black patients better than how they imply the retail and pharmacy in their medical center treat them.

It’s not good enough to “share movies and shows featuring people of color with their kids.” That’s the inclusive way! Much better? Parents should “use media to point out examples of racism and stereotypes.” It sounds like a fun movie night, doesn’t it?

The Polyclinic flyer does not indicate at what age parents should start indoctrinating their children. Presumably, they should start as young as possible so that when their kids see their doctor at the Polyclinic, they’re ready to answer any surprise questions their woke doctor might ask.

What was the impetus for these flyers? What inspired the copy? A Polyclinic spokesperson ignored multiple email requests for comment.

Anti-racism actually embraces racism

The term “anti-racist” doesn’t mean you are against racism; it means you’re taking on a set of specific left-wing actions to fight perceived racism.

To be an anti-racist, you must adopt a fringe worldview that sees nothing but race. Ironically, the actions and ideas anti-racist activists would like people to hold are, in fact, racist.

The term has become mainstream thanks to the poisonous work of Ibrim X. Kendi.

Kendi should be seen as a crackpot. After all, as the New Yorker notes, he once wrote a column claiming white people used the AIDS virus to fight off racial extinction.

His popularity — and bank account — grew in the aftermath of last summer’s Black Lives Matter riots and rallies.

Kendi’s book “How to be an Anti-Racist” earned the support of vulnerable, guilt-ridden white people looking to atone for sins they had nothing to do with. So they bought his book in droves, only to find out that he believes capitalism is racist. It must have been confusing for the white progressives who bought the book on Amazon.

But they read the toxic book anyway and learned that being an anti-racist requires you to be a racist.

“The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination,” he writes.

Implications are real

Polyclinic isn’t the only woke hospital in Seattle.

Virginia Mason hangs a Black Lives Matter banner from their property. At a patient intake station, an employee displayed a BLM poster, too. Would they be able to display an “America First” or “MAGA” flyer?

Seattle Children’s Hospital has also leaned into the woke, especially after a racism row. Externally, however, the hospital pushes progressive causes. They provide guidance for the so-called Two-Spirit gender, commit to dismantling “over-policing,” and write really long memos filled with progressive buzzwords.

These displays and commitments might please the woke staff at these hospitals and clinics. It may even lead to some patient excitement. Antifa radicals and BLM protesters need doctors too (e.g., therapists). But what about everyone else?

Can we go to a doctor’s office without being hit in the head with political statements from either side of an issue? Lost in the virtue signaling and wokeness-on-display is when a hospital gets too political, patients will judge. And they will lose trust. That has real-world consequences.

Public health officials decry how political vaccines and masks have become. But a quick stop by their offices, and we’re bombarded with political messages. So who is bringing politics into health care?

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Rantz: Seattle’s Polyclinic pushes woke ‘anti-racist’ propaganda on patients