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Russell Wilson
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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson admits getting jitters in front of large crowd

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson can sure keep a cool head during a tight situation on the field, but that calm demeanor briefly escaped him when he was facing thousands of graduates.

Wilson gave a commencement address at the University of Wisconsin in May. He said that speech was a “pretty nerve-racking experience.”

“I don’t really get nervous for anything,” Wilson told 710 ESPN Seattle’s Brock and Salk.

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However, when the Seahawks QB walked on stage, things were a bit different — at least for a few minutes. “I realized I was wearing this awkward robe …” he said. He was standing in front of 50,000-plus people.

About 30 minutes into the ceremony, Wilson said he started to get into his own head. He was only three to four minutes away from speaking:

“I’m like, oh man, hopefully I don’t mess up and have a good flow and have a good energy,” he said.


“I’m saying, ‘I’m made for this,'” Wilson said. “… All the nerves went away.”

He kept his cool and gave the speech, which was praised for being both “absolutely fantastic” and a little loose on the facts.

Wilson admits that the open letter to his sister, Anna Wilson, was actually more difficult to craft.

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