Host Todd Herman says farewell on his last show on KTTH

Dec 1, 2021, 12:47 PM

KTTH host Todd Herman....

KTTH host Todd Herman.

Taken from the final personal note of the Todd Herman Show on KTTH, and edited for clarity.

Host Todd Herman to leave KTTH on Dec. 1

I was in my late… well, mid- to late-40s when I couldn’t deny the desire anymore.

You see, I had been partially retired and living the life of a PayPal checker basically. What’s come in? What’s the digital revenue today? And yet, in my gut, I always had the sweet dream of doing talk radio in this city, and from the building from which this signal emanates — that is the building on Eastlake, 1820 to be precise.

Because it’s from that building that I heard the signals that carried to my ears Jim French, and much later Dori Monson, and at some times, my friend Dave Boze, and the Michael Medved Show.

When the opportunity came that I saw that they were — actually, my friend Chris saw that they were seeking a fill-in or seeking a new host, I applied and here we are.

And I’m now in my mid-50s. The fact is you may have somewhere in your gut, a burning. You may have an ember and you can’t put it out. Maybe the life circumstances are such that you have not been able to pursue that burning.

Our primary responsibility is to serve God, and our families, and to be servants to one another, serve one another. And if that burning is still there, let me ask you a question: What is God doing around you, what’s the work he’s doing?

He’s allowing things to fall apart here, in America, God is. He has allowed a man who is not mentally there to inhabit the White House. He’s also bringing humble people to school boards demanding change.

At the same time, other things are going on. All around us, God’s work.

There are families now home schooling because they’ve seen what’s happened.

I don’t know how old you are, I know that God has work going on around you. What is it? Is it the enlightening of families? Is it the feeding of one another? Is it an opportunity to serve the servicemen and women who have risked their lives for us time and again, who are having their jobs stolen from them?

That’s God’s work too. He’s allowing it.

What is God’s work around you? How do you fit in?

This is the time God’s chosen for us to live. When I took the opportunity to come to the building, starting as a fill-in first with Chris and then solo, everything began to lock into place until this. I got afraid. I didn’t talk about what we were discovering in the adolescent mental health world, even though my daughter had come on the show and shared her struggle. Pretty amazing thing she did.

I became afraid, so I didn’t speak about it the way I should have until I read Job. For those unfamiliar with the Bible, this is where Satan was allowed to take everything from a righteous man named Job. Allowed to take it because Satan had said, ‘oh, he’ll turn against you now.’ Well, Job never did. And then Job had everything replaced and then some by God almighty.

I became aware of this. I didn’t know what was going on in the spiritual background. And, my friends, when I realized that, I began to speak out. The show got better. Things began to change.

And I got a phone call: Can we get you back on Rush’s show?

I had escaped over to the Candy, Mike, and Todd extravaganza. Can we get you back in for Rush? He’s ill.

I’m so thankful that I was not named a replacement for Rush because the whispering in my ear now, the burning, the ember I can’t put out, is — do you know that it’s only in the last year that I thanked God for the gift he gave me of speech? Do you know that? To direct it at building the Kingdom because I love you and my family, and the way out of this is the way towards God.

What’s the ember that you can’t put out? What’s the nagging, what’s the talent that is harbored in you? And how does it fit into God’s plan? How do you animate it today? Even in the tiniest of starts, how do you animate it today?

This is your life right now. These are the times through which God has decided we shall live. This is the last Todd Herman Show here, but I’ll be on podcast tomorrow.

Thank you. Thank you, KTTH. Thank you, boss lady Kathy. Thank you, Jason. Thank you to all my friends and, most of all, thank you to you, this family.

Go be well, be strong, be kind, and go be right with God.

Todd Herman

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Host Todd Herman says farewell on his last show on KTTH