John Curley describes his trek to the outhouse in 4 feet of snow

Dec 28, 2021, 12:59 PM
John Curley (and his dogs) trek through the snow to get to the outhouse....
John Curley (and his dogs) trek through the snow to get to the outhouse.
(and his dogs)

KIRO Radio host John Curley is living in Cle Elum, and says there has been about 4 feet of snow at his cabin, which means it’s a journey just to get to his outhouse.

“I sent [John & Shari Show producer] Jacob video of myself going to the bathroom,” John said.

“It fortunately wasn’t quite as grotesque as you just make it sound,” Jacob replied. “But yes, it does seem like an arduous process that you have to just get to your outdoor bathroom.”

“Why do you take the dogs with you?” Jacob asked.

“I don’t. They just come with me,” John said.

“Did you have the gun with you this time?” Shari asked.

“No because it’s daytime,” he replied, as if it should have been obvious he wouldn’t take the gun.

“Well, hello, I got a bathroom picture too that included a gun and a light, so I’m not making it up,” Shari said.

John Curley has a whole personality building up around his new hat

As far as the road conditions out to John’s cabin, he says it’s “horrible.”

He drove back on Christmas Day and said as he was heading up I-90, some guy went speeding past him.

“He goes blasting past me and I said, ‘crash, crash, I want you to crash.’ And guess what he did? He spun around and crashed,” John said. “… I wish that he would crash and all of a sudden right there in front of me, he spun around, kept spinning, spinning, and slammed right into the wall.”

John says the driver was fine, and actually sped past him again about 10 minutes later.

“[Just] go 35, get in the right hand lane or whatever, and just go along,” John said as advice to other drivers. “You, Mr. Guy in the car that spun around and hit the thing, you’re welcome. I did that to you. You’re the reason people get in these accidents on I-90 because you go blowing by people or you’re too close to somebody and not everybody has a superpower to wish you to crash like I do.”

“And you’re the problem. That’s the problem on I-90, it’s always somebody who just seems like they’ve got some super magical car that can just go 75 miles an hour down the other side of the summit there. I just I don’t get it,” he added.

John says he wishes someone else had been in the car to witness it, as his dogs weren’t impressed.

State trooper says slow down, ‘speed limit means nothing’ on icy roads

The main problem on winter roads, John explains, are the drivers who go too fast, cut in and out of the lanes, and are driving out of control.

“Just get behind people, give everybody enough room, don’t push anybody, get back behind. People are trying to slide around — just everybody behave themselves,” John said. “Big, big distance between everybody, and just take your time. If you’re in the far left hand lane, if you don’t have chains on, you’re really asking yourself for a lot of trouble. Pull over to the right, move along, and just keep going along and that would have worked out fine.”

“Well, and thankfully he crashed and he learned his lesson because he zoomed past you again,” Shari joked.

“If you’re listening, sir, that’s me,” John said. “You can mention me on your insurance policy.”

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John Curley describes his trek to the outhouse in 4 feet of snow