Rain, wind bring their own problems to Pacific Northwest

Oct 22, 2022, 7:41 AM

Seattle weather...

It has been awhile since we've experienced rain on our roadways. Ted Buehner has a few tips to keep you prepared. (AP File)

(AP File)

The long-awaited rain has finally arrived to the Pacific Northwest. However, it will bring back several other hazards. This is your reminder for what this inaugural fall rain event will bring.

Since the summer solstice on June 21, the Puget Sound area has had less than one inch of rain, and essentially no precipitation this month. As a result, roadways have accumulated a substantial amount of oily substances. Oil and water do not mix. So the fresh rainfall will set up slick conditions on the roads.

Sullivan: A survival guide for driving in the rain

Drivers will need to break some summer season driving habits and adjust to the roads. The key to renewed wet weather habits will involve slowing down, increasing safe following distances, and using turn signals well in advance of lane changes. In addition, the risk of hydroplaning will return.

The incoming weather systems will also generate blustery winds, enough to knock down a herd of leaves. The rain runoff will cluster those leaves around storm drains, potentially blocking them. Storm drains will need to be cleared of leaves periodically to avoid ponding of water and even some flooding.

Ross: Praising the rain through a series of songs

The return of soggy and blustery fall weather will bring a welcome relief from the wildfires, smoke and poor air quality. Yet it will bring its own set of issues if you’re not prepared for them.

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Rain, wind bring their own problems to Pacific Northwest