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Washington state is one step closer to banning guns

It always seemed disingenuous to me when politicians claim they’re not trying to take away your guns. They’re just trying to pass “common sense” gun legislation, they say, though what they think is common sense is subjective. We get another example of that as Washington Attorney General Bill Ferguson announced Wednesday that he’s going to do what liberal politicians say they’re not trying to do: ban guns.

Only, Ferguson is not saying guns, he’s saying “assault weapons,” which has become a near-meaningless term that actually now means “guns that we personally find to be scary and don’t think you should have because, well, we know better.”

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Inspired to act after the shooting in Mukilteo, AG Ferguson is requesting legislation that would ban semi-automatic weapons with “military-style features” and would limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds of ammo.

Only, he’s not just going after weapons like the AR-15; his end goal is to go after virtually all guns. And you can tell this by hearing the argument in favor of this proposed legislation.

“The recent tragedy in Mukilteo drives home the need to act with urgency to end the availability of weapons designed with only one purpose — to kill people,” Ferguson said.

What gun isn’t designed to kill people in these politician’s views? If you kill someone with a gun that hunters might commonly use, that gun qualifies as being “designed with only one purpose — to kill people” because that’s how you used it.

And why limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds? In a worst case scenario, 10 of those bullets would be used to kill 10 individuals, which would make it even more tragic than the Mukilteo shooting where three were killed with a 30-round magazine reportedly being used.

Does Ferguson believe 10 deaths by gun is okay? Of course not. Which is why the endgame is to ban guns, with this being seen as another step along that path to crippling the Second Amendment. Using Ferguson’s logic, he’d want to act with urgency to ban any gun that was used in Mukilteo, right?

You see, this is about saving lives! Indeed, to show his legislation would save lives, he cites research done by anti-gun groups that show getting rid of guns is beneficial to society. They promise this is definitely not about banning guns (which is true, if you ignore that they’re literally trying to ban certain guns).

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