Rantz: ‘Pedophile-ish’ adult woman identifies as 15-year-old boy, per police report

May 16, 2023, 5:54 PM | Updated: May 17, 2023, 9:07 am

Woman identifies as 15-year-old boy...

Police arrested a 35-year-old woman, who identifies as a 15-year-old boy, for harboring a teen runaway. (Photo from Port Angeles Police Department)

(Photo from Port Angeles Police Department)

Police arrested a 35-year-old woman, who identifies as a 15-year-old boy, for harboring a teen runaway. Shouldn’t Washington Progressives defend this woman for being mis-aged?

The police allege Amanda Dorrough was involved in a host of inappropriate behavior with juveniles, including getting naked in front of them, inappropriately touching one, and providing marijuana. One of her alleged victims characterized her as “pedophile-ish,” according to a police incident report, which doesn’t list the individual ages of the alleged victims.

This incident highlights the dangers of identifying as something you’re not. But it also shows the left-wing hypocrisy on issues of identity.

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Disturbing allegations about woman who identified as a boy

The vice principal at Port Angeles High School reported to police that two students reported that eight of their classmates were planning to run away to Seattle with Amanda Dorrough, according to the police report. It said there had been “several recent reports of Amanda Dorrough having runaway youth in her apartment.”

An officer located several teen minors at the gully behind Dorrough’s apartment complex on May 4, 2023. Several of them were identified by the school as planning to run away, and Dorrough was allegedly aware that one was listed as a runaway, giving the officer probable cause to arrest her for Unlawful Harboring of a Minor. In addition to the minors, police found two empty condom packets and a bra at the gully.

“While at the Clallam County Jail, Amanda told the staff that she identifies as a teenage boy,” the incident report states. “The previous week, she told [an officer] that she identifies as a teenage boy. The previous week she told [the officer] that she feels like teenagers ‘understand’ her better and that she ‘identifies’ better with teenage kids. Amanda is a 35-year-old woman.”

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Alleged victim speaks

An alleged juvenile victim, identified only as T.A., told authorities that he found Dorrough to be “pedophile-ish,” according to the incident report. It says T.A. reports that Amanda told him that she liked him and when he didn’t reciprocate the feeling, she got upset and “almost killed herself.” He alleged she touched him inappropriately and has been completely nude in front of him.

T.A. also alleged that Dorrough provided him and other juveniles with marijuana. The Clallam County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged her with one count of distributing a controlled substance (marijuana/cannabis) to a minor. She posted bail on May 14.

This is not the first contact police have had with an adult pretending to be a minor. Since April 11, 2023, the police said they received 11 calls concerning Dorrough’s alleged conduct.

A neighbor reported seeing multiple juveniles going to Dorrough’s apartment. One call claimed Dorrough was in a “sexting” relationship with a 12-year-old. She was allegedly trespassed from a Boys and Girls Club “due to perceived ‘predatory’ behavior.” One allegation says she was shirtless and braless while walking a teen out of her apartment.

This case highlights issues over ‘identity’

There are obviously profound implications for an adult who ‘identifies’ as a child. This case highlights the issues: an actual 15-year-old acting the way Dorrough allegedly acted would unlikely lead to an arrest or a maximum jail sentence of 10 years. That Dorrough is 35 years old changes everything.

But is Dorrough being treated the way others are treated when they hold an identity in conflict with reality? Progressives call those who reject gender identities as bigots. You’re not merely supposed to accept a gender identity of someone when it conflicts with their actual gender; you’re supposed to pretend there’s no difference between transgender men and women and biological men and women. And laws and policies that apply to biological men or women are supposed to now apply to transgender men and women.

Using the argument from Progressives, why should Dorrough be believed and treated like a 15-year-old?

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It’s the same identity argument

Progressives, generally, argue gender is a social construct and fluid; you can be male or female or one of the hundreds of other genders, or have no gender at all, based on your feelings. Conservatives, generally, know gender to be fixed; it’s determined by a biological fact, a position that the Left didn’t pretend was controversial or false until relatively recently.

The most fringe elements of the Democrat party extend their views to race, arguing it’s also a social construct. Critical Race Theory proponents frequently argue that race was constructed in order to keep white people in power and black people oppressed. (They don’t hold this view for Rachel Dolezal, who was villainized).

But if gender and race are social constructs, why wouldn’t these same activists deem age fluid? We know, as a matter of biological fact, that some people age differently than others. If it’s acceptable that “John” feels like “Jane,” why is it unacceptable that a 35 year old feels like a 15 year old? That this is rejected by the Left highlights the hypocrisy.

Showing some understanding

John, as Jane, is allowed to compete on a women’s soccer team. Yet Dorrough, as a fake 15-year-old, can’t sign up for Little League? John, as Jane, is afforded the rights of a biological female. Dorrough is forced to follow laws that apply to 35 year olds, but not 15 year olds. John, as Jane, walks into a female locker room, and you must be comfortable. If Dorrough walks into a boy’s locker room, she’s arrested.

I obviously point this out not because I think it’s fair to judge Dorrough as a 15-year-old. I point this out to show that she shouldn’t.

When it comes to trans issues, Progressives demand you accept their every position. They claim no nuance on issues and judge you as a bigot for questioning the actions of men who identify as women and vice versa. Yet these same people won’t use the exact same argument to defend Dorrough because they don’t accept the alleged behavior. Unless they’re defending Dorrough, perhaps the far-Left should offer some grace to people navigating transgender topics.

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Rantz: ‘Pedophile-ish’ adult woman identifies as 15-year-old boy, per police report