Rantz: Transgender ‘genocide’ lie is dangerous, as polling is clear

Jun 15, 2023, 5:55 PM

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A sign reading "They are Starting a Genocide" is seen as LGBTQ activists protest on March 17, 2023, in front of the US Consulate in Montreal, Canada, calling for transgender and non-binary people be admitted into Canada. - According to police services, some 200 people gathered in the rain to show support for the trans community in the United States. (Photo by ANDREJ IVANOV / AFP) (Photo by ANDREJ IVANOV/AFP via Getty Images)

(Photo by ANDREJ IVANOV/AFP via Getty Images)

If you listen to Radical Left voices amplified by left-wing media members, you’d think the LGBT community is in danger. But polling proves the American people are overwhelmingly siding against such rhetoric on transgender issues. But if the unhinged claims continue, we will see violence.

We are bombarded with claims that the Right is coming after transgender Americans. That the mere existence of trans people, for example, is under threat. It’s the kind of dramatic, over-the-top language you’d expect from generation Z activists who love to play victim. And it needs to be corrected or framed more honestly. But that’s not happening.

These claims are too often amplified by the media. Whatever their intentions, it’s irresponsible and will come with grave consequences if nothing changes.

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Media framing around trans issues is irresponsible

ABC News framed coverage of opposition to gender reassignment surgeries and puberty blockers for minors around an unhinged quote claiming a trans genocide is underway. The delusional statement came from a Texas mother of a teen who identifies as gender nonconforming. This is a misleading term as it’s not actually a gender identity, but a rejection of ways the person thinks society expects them to act or dress based on their biological gender. They still are either male or female.

“Knowing that your governor and the top officials in your state literally don’t want you to exist – That’s a different kind of stress. It felt very genocidal there,” the mom said.

Rather than point out that comment is outrageous and absurd, ABC News legitimizes it. They’re not alone.

Sky News in London featured transgender cyclist Emily Bridges who was barred from competing against biological women due to the clear advantage biological men have over women. But Bridge accused British Cycling of “furthering a genocide.” Bridges either doesn’t understand what the term means or redefined it like the Left has redefined “woman” and “gender.”

We’re now seeing stories filled with handpicked parents to talk about their transgender toddlers. Toddlers, of course, aren’t trans. But they’re turned into human props for parents to parade around on Instagram so they can say they’re fighting for survival on behalf of their kid.

Agenda driven trans coverage

Why would a news organization pretend a toddler can be identified as transgender? How can any news organization take seriously a claim that not being allowed to compete in a tournament is a genocide? It’s driven by an agenda. Media members who agree with this left-wing gender ideology are looking to defeat laws around gender surgeries and puberty blockers. They’re looking to end rules governing competitions between women and biological men who identify as transgender women.

But the media strategy isn’t working. The protestations from transgender athletes are falling on deaf ears.

For two years, we’ve been be in the middle of a left-wing culture war around transgender athletes. Left-wing media and the Radical Left have declared you a bigot if you note that biological men have an athletic advantage of biological women. Accepting biology and fact is now “genocidal.” One can understand the struggle of a transgender athlete, especially when they’re young, while also accepting that they have an advantage in competition. The two positions aren’t mutually exclusive and while one might view that position as anti-trans, then consider it pro-woman instead. Rather than allow society to debate the issue and chart a course, you’ve been forced into allowing trans athletes compete against athletes of the opposite gender. But the vast majority of Americans say this is wrong.

Gallup polling throws wrench in Radical Left agenda on transgender debate

Gallup released new polling data around acceptance of transgender athletes competing against the opposite biological gender.

To the Radical Left’s surprise, 69% of adults say trans athletes should only be allowed to compete against those who share their biological sex. And that’s seven points higher than when adults were asked in 2021. The two years of nonstop PR on behalf of transgender athletes hurt the cause.

While Republicans held that view in remarkably high numbers (93%), it was the 67% of Independents (up from 63% in 2021) who share the view that makes it so clear that the Left is going too far on gender ideology. With 48% of Democrats agreeing with Republicans (up from 41%), this debate is far from over and the pushback will only grow.

But what’s most interesting in the poll is that if someone knows a transgender person, they’re more likely to say that person should compete against the same biological sex (64%). That’s up 11 points since 2021 and likely due to them knowing how much more physical their transgender friends are compared to the gender they identify as.

When it comes to “gender-affirming healthcare” for “transgender” minors, the polling is just as clear.

A Washington Post-KFF poll found that 68% of adults are against giving puberty blockers to minors between 10 and 14. When it comes to access to hormone treatment for minors 15 to 17, 58% oppose. This poll came out before the the National Health Service of England announced it was severely restricting puberty blockers to kids. Despite what activists tell you, there’s no meaningful data to show they’re safe long term when started so early.

Where is this headed?

These issues are not controversial; the majority of the American people are against what the media and Radical Left are pushing. It’s why the polling on transgender topics is so overwhelming, despite claims of “genocides.” But the language is creating unnecessary tension in the transgender community and is leading to violence.

United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls Reem Alsalem is sounding the alarm about violence coming from gender ideology extremists. Citing a recent assault against Riley Gaines, an athlete-turned-activist opposing transgender athletes competing against the opposite gender, Alsalem said there’s “an increasing trend that I have been observing.” Fox News notes that “Alsalem warned that public officials across the Western world must ‘ensure that the freedom of speech and thought, including on the issues of sex, gender, and gender identity be protected and upheld.'”

One might understand what could turn transgender activists to violence: they’re being told there’s a genocide against them. Left-wing media should rethink how they’re framing these stories, move away from the clear activist-journalism that is clearly not working, and approach these issues with nuance, respect, and fact.

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Rantz: Transgender ‘genocide’ lie is dangerous, as polling is clear