Rantz: Filthy ‘Jay Inslee’s Campground’ trolled on Google as meth spot

Aug 7, 2023, 6:00 PM

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Governor Jay Inslee speaking during Arbor Day April 28, 2023. (Photo courtesy of the Governor's Office)

(Photo courtesy of the Governor's Office)

Google users are ripping “Jay Inslee’s Campground” in Oak Harbor via online reviews. It has a nasty reputation for embracing meth heads and looking like a trash heap. But the campground doesn’t actually exist. A group of community activists are behind the stunt.

Someone added the fictional “Jay Inslee’s Campground” to Google Maps in an effort to troll the governor for being astoundingly absent on the issue of homelessness. It replaced a previous and short-lived listing for “Jay Inslee State Park.”

Two new reviews have already gone up, leaving the campground with a three stars (of five) average. The link to the map is being shared amongst conservative voters.

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Inslee’s campground a pig sty

User Pat gave it five stars, but not for the reason you’d expect.

“Super nice place for doing meth and coke,” the reviewer says. “No laws enforced, and bathrooms are easily accessible since they’re literally everywhere, including in the middle of the road. Will stay here for free again.”

User Samuel had a similar tone but gave the site only one star.

“Would not recommend. Their carbon-related policies are outdated. However, at least no carbon tax… or property tax,” Samuel noted.

It was not the only Google Map entry meant to troll the governor.

Jay Inslee State Park is a mess

Over the weekend, the same location was labeled “Jay Inslee State Park,” but it was taken down some time Sunday. In an interview with the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, activist Steve Adams took partial responsible for this stunt.

“Jay Inslee State Park stands for the true pinacle [sic] of Inslee’s accomplishments in Washington. Filled with garbage, human excrement, burnt-down RVs, derelicts, criminals, and needles, this park has it all. It is so loved by all, not even county and city police can stay out of it. Rumor has it, it’s a sweet pedophile haven,” the review reportedly said.

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Adams said the trolling comes out of citizen concern over the homelessness crisis. It continues to spread unabated in the area.

“What’s not to love? Come on down to Hoffman Road, where garbage dumping is free, and the county-provided portajohns are always overflowing. THIS is Washington!” the review concludes.

It might as well be true

It’s not entirely clear how Jay Inslee’s Campground made it through the Google Maps process. Google says it uses publicly-available information, licensed data from third parties, and “Users who contribute factual information.” There might just be a vulnerability in their process.

If the campground or park did exist, the review likely would be similar.

Inslee has been absent on one of the biggest issues facing the state. After briefly feigning interest in addressing the crisis before the last election, Inslee has been sitting this (and most issues) out. Instead, Inslee has made a handful of remarks pushing for so-called “affordable housing,” which doesn’t address a homeless crisis fueled by drug addiction and untreated mental illness.

Democrats nationwide, unwilling to accept blame for the crisis, have adopted a “housing affordability” talking point. It’s an attempt to avoid responsibility for the homelessness crisis. Inslee is on board with the deception.

Democrat policy, which includes effectively legalizing drugs, and Democrat disinterest in fully funding mental healthcare in the state, helped to exacerbate the homelessness crisis. Until they fully address the problems they created, homelessness will only worsen, leaving many of our parks like the fictional Jay Inslee’s Campground.

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Rantz: Filthy ‘Jay Inslee’s Campground’ trolled on Google as meth spot