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dick's drive-in commercial
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Watch: Dick’s Drive-In commercial debuts with big news

We’ve all heard the rumors over the past couple months. But many wondered if it could possibly be true. Will Dick’s take credit cards? Take a look at the new Dick’s Drive-In commercial to put any doubts away.

Why it will be easier to get your burger fix at Dick’s

It’s confirmed. Dick’s Drive-In now officially accepts plastic. After years and years of famously only accepting cash, Dick’s has installed card machines at its Seattle locations.

In July, Dick’s president Jim Spady announced the intention to accept credit cards. Spady told KIRO Radio:

“The only reason people still carry cash in this city is to eat at Dick’s Drive-In. Many of our customers have asked us to please start accepting credit and debit cards, and one of the last major decisions my Dad made was to start us on this path. Moving from cash-only to accepting credit and debit cards has been a long process with many challenges. It began over two years ago. We had to replace all of our registers and update all of our systems.

To get the word out, and perhaps to have a little fun, the drive-in released a new commercial. The scene will be familiar to many Seattleites — people calling others “tourists” for not knowing local insights, such as the fact that Dick’s only took cash. But it seems that things are much different now. Take a look at the new Dick’s Drive-In commercial.

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