As crime crisis worsens, locals get serious about personal safety

Nov 3, 2023, 10:40 AM | Updated: 1:31 pm

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Washington's crime crisis continues to worsen, and locals are turning to whatever tools they can use to keep them safe. (West Coast Armory North)

(West Coast Armory North)

(SPONSORED) – Washington’s crime crisis continues to worsen, and locals are turning to whatever tools they can use to keep them safe.

Democrat policies that have emboldened criminals, including a ban on police vehicular pursuits, and soft-on-crime policies by prosecutors and judges has created an escalating crime crisis. Seattle is on pace to meet or exceed the city’s all time high number of homicides. Tacoma is seeing a surge in violent crime, particularly amongst youth. And from Thurston County into Snohomish County, car theft and break-ins continue to alarm local law enforcement.

As our communities become less safe, Washingtonians are turning to their Second Amendment rights to feel more secure. John Holschen of West Coast Armory North, a sponsor of the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, understands what people are going through.

“As crime becomes more common it leads to a decrease in perceived safety and comfort,” Holschen told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “It’s natural for people to want to take steps to secure their safety and that of their loved ones.”

Personal security can only be achieved when you’re safe

But Holschen notes that if you’re looking to enjoy your Second Amendment rights, you need to do so safely and responsibly.

For those who worry a safe will hinder quick access to protect oneself during a robbery, Holschen says it’s a myth that you have to sacrifice quick access for safe storage. West Coast Armory North offers a variety of storage options to fit individual needs.

But personal safety needs aren’t simply addressed by making a purchase. You need to develop skills on how to operate whatever purchase you make for personal safety. West Coast Armory North offers a number of small group training sessions for individuals of all different skill levels.

I recently took a refresher course since I already had some skills, but needed to hone in some forgotten skills. The class was small, so I got the attention I needed, and most of it was spent at the indoor range. I followed up with one private lesson, too. West Coast Armory North ensures you have the skills to actually hit what you’re aiming at.

“You can learn some of the above through diligent self-study but beware that the internet is full of incorrect information and bad ideas,” Holschen explained. “Training and guidance from professionally trained instructors is the best bet for you to learn the optimal way to do these things.”

Of course, it’s also important to know the law around personal protection and self-defense, which is offered at West Coast Armory North.

It’s unclear when we’ll see relief from the crime crisis. Law enforcement officials worry that if significant changes to law aren’t addressed by the state legislature, the problems will only worsen. Until then, for those of you who take your family’s safety seriously, West Coast Armory North is there for you.

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As crime crisis worsens, locals get serious about personal safety