Rantz: Washington Democrats abused Giving Tuesday to fundraise

Nov 30, 2023, 8:55 AM | Updated: 11:01 am

Giving Tuesday Washington...

Headshot: Shasti Conrad, the Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party (Photo created by The Jason Rantz Show)

(Photo created by The Jason Rantz Show)

In an unethical and grotesque display of selfishness, the Washington State Democrat Party tried to manipulate donors to give them money for Giving Tuesday. The charitable event is meant for charities, not political parties.

Each year, charities ramp up fundraising efforts for their important causes. It’s a day that focuses on charities’ work to better their communities. As important, Giving Tuesday encourages us to donate our time to charitable work or commit a simple act of kindness. But to Washington Democrats, it’s a day to tricking Washingtonians to give them money.

In a post on X, Washington Democrats made a fundraising appeal. It wasn’t an appeal that just so happened to fall on Giving Tuesday. It was explicitly pitched for the charity event.

Pretending that the party works nonstop “to continuously safeguard our democracy,” the post asked followers to “be a part of the fight for Democracy.” The party included a link to ActBlue, a fundraising platform favored by far-left candidates and groups. Unlike when you donate to charities for Giving Tuesday, any money turned over to the Washington Democrats is not tax deductible.

Utterly shameless move

The decision to try to siphon off donations that could have gone to charities Giving Tuesday was meant to help is absolutely appalling.

Charities work exceptionally hard every day to better their community in ways that are the least divisive. Often setting aside politics, these charities are led by underpaid staff who are trying to help the vulnerable, addressing issues that don’t get nearly enough attention and shining a spotlight on worthy causes and initiatives.

It’s charities like the Seattle Union Gospel Mission, Stand With Us PNW, the Snohomish County K9 Foundation and the Seattle Police Foundation that are worth your charitable donations, not a far-left political party that seeks to end parental rights, gun rights, private property rights, and free speech rights.

The Washington State Republican Party chairman, State Representative Jim Walsh of Aberdeen, condemned the shameless tactic.

“Giving Tuesday is supposed to focus on supporting charitable groups, which in our law and traditions are non-political,” Walsh explained to The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “It’s desperate and craven for a political party to hide behind the good intentions of Giving Tuesday to raise money for its partisan opposition research and hit pieces. You could say this is shameful. But ‘clueless’ is probably more accurate.”

Perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked though. When you see who runs the party, it’s easy to explain how the party could act so morally bankrupt as to take money from worthy charities.

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A radical runs Washington Democrats

Washington Democrats is chaired by Shasti Conrad, a King County, race-obsessed radical activist who fought to defend the socialist Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant from recall. As then-chair of the King County Democrats, Conrad pretended the recall effort against Sawant was racist. And if you argued Sawant should have been recalled for illegally using tax dollars to promote a ballot initiative, you’d be labeled a racist, too.

Conrad is a next-level gaslighter, constantly criticizing moves that her party engages in.

When it was announced that enough registered voters signed a ballot initiative to kill Governor Jay Inslee’s costly carbon tax, which has added roughly $0.50 per gallon to the cost of gas, Shasti complained that this is an example of trying to buy an election. But backed by megadonors, Democrats routinely lean on one-percenters to fund their initiatives. Democrats earned $1 million each from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer to help buy a victory for anti-gun Initiative 1639.

And when Conrad disagrees with you, she’ll call you far-right. She is working overtime to pretend that Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Reichert is an “extremist Republican.” Ironically, he faces criticism from the base of the Republican party for being too moderate. Though given how far to the left Conrad and Washington Democrats find themselves, anyone to the right of Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong or Fidel Castro is an extremist Republican.

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Washington Democrats on blast

Users on X were not happy with the Washington Democrats post. Users representing different political perspectives all agreed: It’s pretty despicable to try to fundraise off of Giving Tuesday.

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Rantz: Washington Democrats abused Giving Tuesday to fundraise