In time for Valentine’s Day: A love psychic shares her story and tips

Feb 13, 2024, 5:09 PM

Psychic matchmaker Deborah Graham teaches people how to move on from lost love and find new romance. Formerly the host of “The Psychic Matchmaker” on TLC and a veteran of Sirius XM satellite radio, she currently hosts a podcast called “Psychic Connection with Deborah Graham” that can be heard on several notable platforms, including Apple and Spotify.

“I’m a matchmaker. I’m a relationship expert. I am psychic. (And I’m an) author of many books,” Graham said to KIRO Newsradio recently.

But Graham illustrated why she doesn’t consider herself to be a typical psychic.

“I don’t look at you. I look in you. I’m able to feel and see your energy without you telling me anything, because I go into your soul into your spirit, and I become you.”

Graham said she is able to see exactly where you need to be versus where you are.

“Sometimes what you think you want in a relationship is not always what you need,” she said.

And even if you are in a relationship and it doesn’t appear rock solid, Graham said she can help.

“That’s why people come to me because I’m a relationship expert. And because I am a psychic and an intuitive and this is a gift,” she explained. “I like to say it’s a blessing and a curse.”

Where Deborah Graham got her start

Graham’s first love connection came about 25 or 30 years ago.

“I had a client come to me. He lost his wife very recently,” she said. “He used to come to me because he wanted to figure out what the next part of his life was.”

Graham said she had another client who had recently lost her husband.

“I actually made their appointments on the same day at the same time. And I made them wait together in my office while I had another appointment. So they were out there for 30 minutes or maybe longer. I said, ‘Oh, you guys had the pleasure of meeting each other.'”

The two who had suffered great losses ended up finding each other, with Graham’s help, and the rest was history.

I got a reading from Deborah Graham

Knowing that Graham could look into the eyes and read souls, I took my glasses off to see if she could connect with me.

“Oh, you have a strong soul. You’re a leader, not a follower,” she said. “You came in here into in this world and did it. And you don’t (have to) come back and do it again.”

Graham told me that this “is my last rodeo” and that the spirits were telling me, “You came here to go to the next level. You’re a finisher.”

What did she mean by my last rodeo? If you believe in reincarnation, my soul is on its last life. And according to astrological charts, it’s true. I am a Pisces and at the end of the zodiac cycle.

A KIRO Newsradio teammate also volunteered for a reading

Graham’s specialty is matchmaking– and KIRO Newsradio’s Diane Duthweiler volunteered for a reading since I’ve already found love.

Diane, let me tell you something, you are an old soul. OK, you came on to serve many, many, many times. You’re very tedious to a point where you make yourself crazy. So (you’ve) got to get out of that organizing field and you have to learn to just go for it. OK? Because your problem is you think about things so deep, so strong that you actually think yourself out of them. So I’m going to tell you to give yourself permission to let that little girl connect. You need to connect with that little girl because she’s lost and she’s screaming to come out. And the reality is, will that love be there? Yes, I feel like it’s already around you. I see a lot of red and red means love, happiness, health, wealth and strength. But the one thing is you don’t like to give up your power and you like your four walls. You notice that about yourself, girl?”

Duthweiler responded by saying, “That is so correct. And I actually just started seeing someone recently. Just a couple of days ago, I was thinking to myself, ‘You have to stop looking at trying to make that person what you want them to be and accept just the … tiny little things that you might be noticing. Let them go. Accept them.’ And it was just funny. That’s a conversation I’ve been having this week in my own head.”

Graham’s tips and rules

But how much of what Graham talks about is psychic or psychology?

“Well, it’s common sense to be totally honest with you,” she explained. “I wouldn’t even call it psychology or psychically. Just listen to your gut because we’re all psychic.”

But what about those of us who don’t find love on Valentine’s Day?

“Keep moving on. It’s a Hallmark card day, you don’t live your life for one freaking day. (There are) 365 days out a year, it’s not 300.

“You’ve got to live and let live. Let go and have faith that maybe Cupid didn’t bring you your Valentine’s Day on the day you were expecting it,” Graham added. “But it doesn’t mean that you should just give up because I believe kind of like what Diane went through. She was divorced and had not seen anybody for five years until she met this person. So sometimes you gotta wait.”

Graham shared these five rules for love on her podcast:

  1. Engage in direct eye contact.
  2. Always go out on three dates within three weeks and don’t consummate the relationship for three months.
  3. Never talk too much about your ex.
  4. Pay attention.
  5. Check with yourself and make sure you are open and ready for a relationship as you don’t want to waste your time.

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In time for Valentine’s Day: A love psychic shares her story and tips