Rantz: Diverse group of Seattle college students unite to hate Jews at ‘UW Palestine encampment’

Apr 28, 2024, 5:55 PM | Updated: Apr 29, 2024, 11:47 am

UW Palestine encampment...

Photo of the UW pro-Palestinian encampment (Photo: James Lynch, KIRO Newsradio)

(Photo: James Lynch, KIRO Newsradio)

Finally able to achieve its required diversity, University of Washington (UW) college students in Seattle are establishing a “Palestine encampment” to spread their anti-Israel and antisemitic hate. UW administrators said they won’t get involved until a Jewish student is injured.

UW activists with the Progressive Student Union (or as their Instagram profile reads, since they’re too busy fighting social injustices to use spell check, “Progressive Student Union”) postponed their antisemitic encampment last week. They deemed “UW Palestine Encampment” too white. They paused to “center” their hate encampment around Arab and Muslim students.

The two groups, White Knights and “Marginalized” (non-Jewish) Community Du Jour, fought briefly on who would get credit for demonizing Jews until they settled on sharing the bigotry. They vowed a Monday morning encampment so that they might finally emulate the hate encampments popping up across the country.

What can we expect from the antisemitic ‘UW Palestine encampment’ (except the Jew hating, of course)?

Students are taking time off from their part-time Starbucks barista shifts and Gender Studies courses to demand a “Free Palestine” while glamping on the Quad.

They believe “Palestine” must be freed not from Hamas, a terrorist group students deem freedom fighters (nothing shouts fighting for freedom like gang raping Jewish women), but from Jewish occupation. When these students chant “Free Free Palestine,” they mean Israel. After all, they believe from the river to the sea, “Palestine” will be free.

White students, who spend weekends at their parents’ homes in Kirkland, Edmonds, Medina and Mercer Island (don’t worry, they’re moving soon to get away from those kinds of people), will undoubtedly form human shields around “students of color” while they pray five times a day (for the first time in years because it’s more performative) to show solidarity with the oppressed. They won’t, of course, read the Quran. If they did, they’d realize “Israel” is mentioned, along with the Prophet of Jacob referred to as the “Children of Israel” or “Bani Isra’il” in Arabic. This term appears numerous times throughout the Quran and refers to the Jewish people in a historical context (that antisemites ignore). Missing from the text? Palestine, but that must have been an oversight.

The activists will downplay their message of “there is only one solution, intifada revolution,” as non-violent. In fairness, “intifada” isn’t the only word they’re pretending doesn’t mean what it actually means (kind of like “woman”). The crowd that previously declared “silence is violence” and “words are violence,” will hold signs calling for a “final solution” to Israel and Jews.

Outsiders to descend upon campus

The antisemite’s UW Palestine encampment won’t only be for students. It will attract bored, woke housewives and men-who-declare-themselves-feminist-for-dates.

Some will be on hand to donate the essentials to the students martyring themselves for a social justice cause: Oat milk lattes, granola-free granola, vape cartridges, North Face camping gear and the username/passwords to their parents’ Netflix accounts.

Others will be on standby for protection.

The Global Solidarity Network Seattle (GSNS), led by Heather Yingling, will have members in attendance. They were secretly plotting how they would assault police officers in order to de-arrest, a term that sounds official but is just a made-up term for illegally stopping an officer from arresting a Jew-hating activist who broke the law. These activists are adults reliving their days on campus when they waited four years for a phone call inviting them to an off-campus party. Tragically, that phone call never came. But now they’ve found like-minded, life’s losers who they can coordinate social lives with. Look, they’re just trying to get out of the house.

The GSNS goons will be joined by lonely, non-binary 20-somethings in yellow vests cosplaying as security. They once read a tweet about the power of de-escalation so now they’re experts. They had better hope no violence is actually threatened. Combined, they (am I referring correctly to a group of people or am I using the preferred personal pronoun of one of the group’s leaders?) have the upper body strength of a high school academic decathlon team. I’m obviously kidding. They have the upper body strength of anyone they want because breaking stereotypes is their daily workout! #inclusivity

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Will UW administration break up the illegal antisemite encampment? Don’t be silly.

UW administrators, under the permissive president Ana Marie Cauce, will allow the illegal occupation (seriously, they don’t get the irony) of the Quad until a Jew is physically harmed.

A spokesperson for the UW wouldn’t explain to The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH (“Jewish media”) if they’d allow the encampment. Privately, however, Vice President for Campus Security and Safety Sally Clark told Jewish leaders, according to a document obtained by The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, that, “UWPD will monitor the event actively from the start and be prepared to respond if the event escalates and threatens life safety … The priorities are always safety for all and continuity of university operations.” Got that? When a Jew is stabbed, maybe they’ll respond. It depends on how deep the stab wound is.

Cauce could actually engage, but that would mean she’d have to acknowledge that Jewish students and staff matter at UW. Plus, this isn’t a serious political cause like the permitted satirical affirmative action bake sale or inviting a conservative speaker on campus. That’s the kind of event that gets Cauce passionate about breaking up.

Maybe we should give Cauce the benefit of the doubt here. While she’s never been one to stand up for Jewish students (they’re too white, so don’t deserve support in the college’s performative “equity commitment”), she could rightly assume the white student activists will grow tired before feigning interest in another social justice cause. Maybe they’ll go back to pretending to care about Ukraine. Remember Ukraine? Wait. They’re white. They may stick with Palestinians, after all.

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